Stephen Hawking, a renowned physicist and researcher, died this week at the age of 76. Hawking, a legend in his own right, became a scientist that revolutionized the basis of cosmology and impressed the world with his research and dedication towards the field of science. Through Hawking's wisdom and tenacity, he taught many individuals what it takes to be successful, and how passion is the driving force to showcase your talent and determination. Hawking's life became the foundation for how individuals viewed what success and dedication truly were. His death affected many, but his life offered many lessons. Here are five things that Hawking showed to the world:

1. Hawking radiation

Hawking is known for many things, but his theory on Hawking radiation is what established him as a physicist. The radiation is a blackbody radiation, which means that black holes should have a finite entropy. His discovery forever shaped what we know of black holes.

2. He was not the best at school

Hawking was not the brightest at school, and stated that his laziness was a contributing factor to why he never really excelled. But, after being diagnosed with his illness, Hawkings began to dedicate his life to research and science.

3. His curiosity for life gave him his tenacious spirit

Hawking's illness never held back his curiosity of the universe. He continued to dedicate his life as a scientist wanting to be known for his achievements through his curiosity and persistence, and not for his journey to success as a disabled man.

4. His long life was a miracle

After being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease in his 20's, Hawkings was told he would only have a couple more years until he would pass away. Being able to live up 75 was considered a miracle for a person with his disease.

5. He will be remembered for his brilliance, and not his disability

Whether or not Hawkings had this disability, he would have changed the world regardless.

Hawking was a revolutionary with a brilliant mind that many admired and respected. He will forever be remembered for his tenacity and curiosity.