Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry broke the NBA record for most three-pointers made in the postseason in a 121-104 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 1 in the first round of the 2018-19 NBA playoffs. Curry (386) passed Ray Allen (385) with his eighth made three-pointer of the night en route to one of the best games in his postseason career with 38 points, seven assists, and a career-high 15 rebounds. The most impressive aspect of Curry's feat of most postseason three-pointers in a career is the fact that he achieved it in only 91 games, while Allen's achievement was accomplished in 171 games.

Curry now owns yet another three-point record, which should further cement his legacy as the greatest shooter to ever grace the hardwood of a basketball court, as if he needed further proof of that distinction. Curry owns five of the top 10 seasons in total three-pointers made and stands within 100 regular season 3s of passing Reggie Miller (2,560) for second place on the all-time list for three-pointers made. At his current rate, he may pass Allen (2,973) for first place in two years. Ever since his prominence from beyond the arc began several years ago, teams around the NBA have utilized the three-point shot to an increasingly high degree. Teams are shooting more three-pointers than ever before, and this is largely because of Curry and his long-distance wizardry.

The Warriors look to win a third consecutive title this NBA season after prevailing in the previous two against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and there is still an abundance of playoff games for them to play. With these games will undoubtedly come more three-pointers from Curry, and time will tell how high he sets the bar for shooting beyond the arc for future generations by the time he retires.