I am going on a rage-filled rant. Apparently, my rental textbook from Amazon was stolen.

I know the risk of having packages delivered and the potential of someone stealing them. I think everyone that goes online is aware of the danger with constant news, articles, and videos of people stealing packages. That doesn’t stop us from buying things online, it is just part of society now. The difference is that people take precautions to prevent their packages from getting stolen. That’s the real kicker in my case, my roommate was even at home. The package wasn’t sitting out there for days or something like that. My roommate only left once to run an errand. I just don’t understand, why would you want to steal my package? I hope you are happy with a science textbook and not some fancy clothes or expensive electronics.

Now I have to pay around $200 to buy the dang book because it was a rental. I didn’t have that kind of extra money which is why I rented the textbook in the first place and I don’t even actually get the freaking book. Oh, and I still need that book for class so thanks for that!

My roommate and I have things delivered to our place a lot. When I say a lot, I am not kidding, more than most people, think about once a week. The crazy part is that we have never had anything else stolen, some of our previous packages have sat on our doorstep for days (when we both leave for the weekend). I don’t know if it was because this one had an Amazon label on it which is more inviting than a generic Chinese label, whatever the case you suck.

I never understood why people stole packages when I heard it happening to other people, and now that it has happened to me I still don’t understand. You must have a special disregard for anyone else to be able to do that. I hope when you opened my package there was a huge feeling of disappointment when it was only a textbook.

This is the end of my rant, be good to each other out there.