10 Fashion Statements Every Girl Should Steal From Their Mom's Closet
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10 Fashion Statements Every Girl Should Steal From Their Mom's Closet

Look for vintage fashion!

10 Fashion Statements Every Girl Should Steal From Their Mom's Closet
Hope Ann Flores

By now every girl has seen vintage clothing from every big boutique or department store in todays fashion world. Stores like Urban Outfitters, Zara, Brandy Melville, and online stores have created cookbooks just for vintage fashion. Brands such as Adidas, Champion ( which we used to be able to by at Walmart ... what?!) Doc Martins, and more have taken over old brands.

For me personally, I love this trend. I love the idea of taking fashion back from the time when my mom was growing up and making it my own. In my recent fashion choices, I've heard my mom say, " Wow I had one of those when I was your age!" Then I proceed to ask her if she still has the item and cry my eyes out when she says she donated it years ago. I've sense made the decision to keep many of my favorite clothing items for my own daughter. Anyways here is a list of items to steal from your mom's old closet. Hopefully your mom still has these precious items, unlike my mom!

1. Bean Boots

My mom had this exact pair, and occasionally I go thrifting I try to hunt these down in hopes of finding them. You can still buy these on the LL Bean website, just prepare yourself if they're sold out. Sperry has also created a similar boot!

2. Vintage Long Button Down Dress

In the 70's, dresses like this were so popular. Mine was actually a couple dollars from a thrift store, so if your mom didn't have one, look there!

3. Levi's High-Waisted Jeans

Any staple piece to a casual outfit! If you hate the cut of the jeans but like the fit of the upper half, make them into shorts!

These are my sister's favorite that she also found thrifting.

4. Unique Jackets

Look for patterns, corduroy, denim or bright colors. All of these qualities are very trendy right now!

5. Striped or Patterned Sweater

In the fall or winter, any type of sweater is fashionable and practical. Look for bright-colored stripes or patterns to enhance your closet! I swear I bought a sweater from Forever21 that looked exactly like a sweater my mom wore for her junior year picture day.

6. A Checkered, Plaid, or Corduroy Skirt

In the 70's and even early 90's, skirts like these were very trendy. Look for patterns and colors! Even if the skirt is too long or not the right fit, you can cut it or even pin it! If you can't find these awesome skirts mixed in with your moms stuff, hunt for these at thrift stores, Forever 21 or Brandy Melville.

7. Flair Pants

This one is very hard for me to adjust to because I have flashbacks of my flair jean days from middle school. After many years of skinny jeans, mom jeans and fair-legged pants have made a comeback. I recently ordered a black and white pair from Boohoo.com and I'm patiently awaiting their arrival.

8. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks always make me think of my mom. Even now she rocks them and recently they have been a huge fashion trend. I often wear hers and have found many of my favorite ones at thrift stores.

9. Floral Dresses

This is one of my favorite trends ever! Though my mom sadly gave away many of her old dresses, I still always look for vintage rompers and dresses.

10. Graphic Style Tee or Flannel

My mom never had any graphic tees, but many people keep their favorite band tees. Grab these whenever you can find them! Flannels are also a hot item. A quick tip for finding the one perfect flannel is searching not your mom's closet but your dads.

In addition, look for other items such as records, polaroids, bags, glasses, and hats! Happy hunting!

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