This is the first summer since I started college where I don't really have anything planned. Usually, I have vacations mapped out, study abroad programs scheduled or some kind of summer course to finish. This time around I packed up all my stuff and headed home for 3 months of "I don't know". Other than a few hours of LSAT prep and maybe a few day trips to see college friends, I left most of my summer free of constraints. It's a weird feeling to pick up my planner and see empty places or be able to put my phone down for hours and not worry about replying to text messages or phone calls.

I don't have many friends back home and most of them are either working or finishing up classes at their college campus. My best friends are back in their hometowns, doing internships or spending time with their families. As much as I miss them, time away has given me a chance to focus on myself before heading into my senior year of college.

This summer has given me a unique opportunity to do just about whatever I want or absolutely nothing at all. I get up, make a pot of coffee, maybe study for a few hours and then have the rest of the day to myself. Sometimes I go for a run around my neighborhood, other days I stay inside a watch Netflix for hours. Sometimes I break out my paints and brushes and color away the day, while other times I hang out with my family.

I don't think many young adults get the chance to be with just themselves. When I'm up at college my days are broken down into hour intervals, where I schedule in time to eat, exercise and take naps. I wake up early in the morning and I stay up late at night, whether it's hanging out with friends or making sure I'm prepared for class the next day. At home, it's completely different. There's no running around campus or chugging energy drinks to stay awake during class. I haven't woke up feeling quite so relaxed as I have at home. There's no pressure, no schedule, no responsibilities for the first time in years.

Not everyone gets a chance to have a summer to themselves. Most college students have to work a job or apply for internships, but I was given an opportunity to take some time for myself, whether I planned to or not. I've been able to relax in a way that I haven't gotten a chance to in college. I'm not worried about missing out or going to class, but rather focus my energy on what I want to do.

College has gone by so fast, and I know that's because it's been such an amazing experience for me. I've met so many great people and done more in a few years then I thought possible. I can't wait to go back after summer ends and enjoy my senior year with my best friends doing everything I love the most. Right now though, I'm going to soak up the time I have this summer and focus on all the things I want to do or honestly do nothing at all.