To The Freshman Overachiever, You'll Find Your Balance Eventually So Don't Overload Yourself Now

To The Freshman Overachiever, You'll Find Your Balance Eventually So Don't Overload Yourself Now

I get it because I was like you, too.

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Your life has never been boring or calm. You're constantly running here and there for every extra-curricular activity while trying to make good grades. I get it, I was there. You think you'll be able to maintain that lifestyle in college. Let me tell you, you won't.

The joke about choosing sleep, social-life or studying isn't a joke. You can't do it all. You need to be involved because it is really hard to make friends in college without being involved at all. And it gets really lonely without friends. But choose organizations wisely. Go to those informationals. Feel out the organizations before committing to all 25 of them.

Don't overload yourself right off the bat. Adjusting from high school to college workload is a challenge in itself. When you add moving to a new town, being broke and only knowing like two people, it can get stressful. Without mom and dad there to cook, clean, and take care of you, it's really easy to let things go. Remember that your health needs to be a priority. Listen to your body. If you feel worn out, give yourself a break.

It is inevitable that a go-getter, over-involved teen will naturally try to keep up that same pace into adulthood. I was that person but overly committed to school. I studied all day every day during my first semester. And to answer your question, no I did not make any friends: I. was. Miserable.

Eventually, I joined organizations and found friends and balanced my lifestyle. With that, I learned how easy it is to forget things when mom and dad aren't running your life anymore. So with that being said, GET A PLANNER. (I had three last semester) I promise it will save your life.

The school work will probably be more difficult than you're used to from high school, so don't be afraid to ask for help. I know you're probably used to being able to do things on your own and making good grades. Sorry, but you will probably make some of your worst grades in college. Don't beat yourself up. Take advantage of office hours and free tutoring services your school may offer. (BTW, getting academic help does not mean you're stupid or anything like that. It means you care enough to want to do well.)

You'll have to find your balance and what works best for you. Not to burst your bubble or anything, but college is hard and probably not going to go as you plan it. It is okay to not make A's. It is okay to not be president of every organization. It is okay (and highly recommended) to take naps in the library. You'll find your balance eventually.

You hear so many horror stories about students crying and failing. Let me tell you, college isn't horrible and it isn't terribly hard. There will be plenty of great times. Just make sure you sleep and eat (and try to eat a little bit healthy every once in a while). Do what makes you happy, not what makes everyone else happy.

You've made it this far, now it's about you. College is all about finding your true interests and preparing for your future! So find your niche. Chase your dreams and discover your passions, but remember to stay balanced.

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