10 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Cold Weather Keeps You Down

10 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Cold Weather Keeps You Down

Leaving your cozy bed to enter into the brisk cold is the hardest part of the day.


Finding motivation when the weather is freezing is something that has been very difficult for me lately, so I'd assume there are others out there facing this issue. The lack of sun shining through your windows and painful wind on your face when you walk outside is atrocious. I thought I'd come up with some motivational tips to help both me and others struggling with this issue to push through these last cold days until Spring is sprung.

1. Exercise

Exercise is good in just about every aspect of life. But, if I'm feeling unmotivated and I start hitting the gym I start to put things into perspective. Exercise makes you feel better and although it's hard to get yourself into the gym, it always benefits you.

2. Make to do lists

To do lists always make me feel better because once you start crossing things off you feel exhilarated and accomplished.

3. Start a new hobby

Maybe take that yoga class you've been interested in for a long time, or join another club on campus to keep yourself more active.

4. Make time for friends

If you're an extrovert like me, spending time with friends energizes you. If you're an introvert, maybe you need to stay in and catch up on a book to feel rejuvinated and ready to accomplish your goals.

5. Treat yourself

Once you've taken a step forward in motivating yourself, even if it's a small one, treat yourself to something you deserve. Maybe buy a new shirt or order a delicious lunch.

6. Stick to a schedule

This is the best way to get things done. By sticking to a schedule you're more consistent with your daily activities.

7. Surround yourself with positive people

This one is important because if you're constantly surrounding yourself with people who put you down or make you feel poorly about yourself you're going to feel the opposite of motivated.

8. Make time for things you enjoy

Make a vision board or get coffee with a friend. You have to have time for yourself mixed in with all the tasks you're getting done.

9. Pair up with a friend

I've noticed this works really well for me. If you make plans with a friend do to some homework, or to go to the gym, you're more accountable. If I have plans with myself to go to the gym, chances are I'll skip. If I have plans with someone else to go to the gym, I'm much more likely to go.

10. Watch a Ted Talk

Ted Talks always motivate and inspire me to do better in life. I even have the Ted Talk app on my phone for when I need some positivity.

Whether you're hitting the gym, creating a vision board, or doing a yoga class, there are tons of resources out there to keep you going when you're feeling unmotivated. Only a few more months left of the cold months and then you can look forward to wearing shorts and walking outside into the sunshine.

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15 Reasons Why Winter Is My Favorite Season

Winter doesn't always have to be miserable and cold.

It seems like winter weather in New York always comes quicker than we expect it to. Summer comes to an end, fall weather lasts for a brief three seconds, and then we feel the brisk air of winter coming. I've lived in New York my entire life so this is not my first rodeo and I can definitely tell you winter can suck sometimes. Most people hate the snow, the cool breeze, and the dreary winter season but it's all so much more than that! There are more reasons to love the winter season than to hate it, think about the holidays and being able to overload on carbohydrates (thanks for coming to an end bikini season). Here are my fifteen beautiful reasons on why winter is my favorite season.

1. Layering.

Winter is the only time you can layer all your favorite clothes into one outfit! Add a scarf, a sweater, a flannel, and a coat while still looking put together.

2. Winter drinks.

For all the Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts addicts, winter is the best time for hot drinks. Hot cocoa, salted caramel lattes, hot apple cider, can life get any better?

3. Snow!

How could anyone hate the prettiest part of winter? Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or just enjoy the view. Sometimes getting snowed in is the best part of winter.

4. Christmas lights.

What's a better way to get into the Christmas spirit? Take a walk past Rockefeller Center in Manhattan to feel the magic around Christmas time.

5. Snuggling up next to the person you love.

What's better than snuggling and Elf?

6. Warm clothes.

Mittens, scarves, wool socks, and sweaters? I want to wear all of you. Come right this way!

7. Curling up in bed with a good magazine or book.

Just giving you another reason to be lazy and never want to get out of bed. (PS you might finish an entire series of books if you do this, I'm totally guilty of this.)

8. Holiday parties.

Everyone's favorite party of the year, the ugly Christmas sweater party! Nothing like wearing a funny, vintage, or just plain hideous ugly Christmas sweater to win some prizes. (Or just to go to the party for the free food, also guilty.)

9. Traveling.

For the winter holiday season, most people have a little bit of time off from work or school. Winter break is the perfect vacation for a cabin retreat. Visit a ski resort or a snowboarding lodge with your loved ones and relax for the weekend. Make sure you don't forget your ski's and lots of warm clothes!

10. Dogs in sweaters.

You've got to be a really evil human to not love everything about this. I'll take ten dogs in sweaters please.

11. Comfort food.

Comfort foods most popular day, Thanksgiving. The best winter holiday besides Christmas. Please pass the mashed potatoes, biscuits, stuffing, and everything that's unhealthy because I want it all.

12. Christmas!

My favorite day in winter is Christmas. Everything leading up to Christmas makes me love winter even more. Christmas carols, getting caught under the mistletoe, candy canes, ginger bread houses, stockings, and especially Christmas morning (the only morning of the year I don't mind getting up for).

13. New Years!

New Years kisses, New Years resolutions, and the change of pace for the New Year is always refreshing.

14. Giving back.

There's plenty of ways to give to people to make them have a wonderful Christmas. Operation Christmas Child is an organization to bless Christmas presents to children in need around the world. Toys for tots is also another program you can be involved in, it gives toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them presents.

15. Being grateful for what you have.

Although you should be grateful every day and not just the holiday season, winter is a reminder that home is where the heart is.

Cover Image Credit: Pinterest

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I Absolutely Hate Saying Goodbye To Cold Weather

Will a few more months of winter really be that bad?


On Sunny days I dream of cold and on cold days I dream of cooler. It's funny because I'm not like your typical southern gal. Born and raised In Columbia, SC, but I feel like deep down I have always been a northerner at heart. I just love cold weather.

Fall is my favorite season of course. I mean, honestly, what can you not love about fall! There are the leave changes, crisp cool weather and the ever anticipated fall fashion haul. I get excited just thinking about it. Now, most of my family is from up north, was born in the north or practically believes the north to be their second home. And then there's me. The girl who absolutely adores cool weather but has yet to travel up North. Weird right?

As I say my final goodbyes to the last weeks hopefully of winter. I think to the memories where my children with effervescent spirits may one day be able to experience a white Christmas, slope the great white slopes, sit and drink mocha by the crackling sounds of holiday fires and warm fuzzy sweaters.

As I speak with my northern counterparts they would disagree. In most cases, they would advise me that wanting to move up North would be one of the worst things ever! They remind me of the constant snow plowing that they have to sort through, the rundown metro stations and the lack of consideration towards all of these things. A constant reminder that unlike down south where we experience one pinch of snow, we go through what seems like a full government shutdown.

This I may miss, but weighing out all of my options and exhausting all needs.. I will still not want to say goodbye to cold weather.

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