As a recent college graduate who plans to go back to school, I am struggling with the desire to be involved on campus but not feeling like I should. I still live close to Eastern Michigan's campus and I plan to go back sometime soon; therefore, I would like to stay somewhat involved in the culture. Here are ten ways that would allow me to be involved in my campus as an alum.

1. Take a walk through campus.

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I love going on walks with my boyfriend and dog throughout campus. If you like getting to people-watch, this is a great way to do it!

2. Participate in university research.

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While on that walk we talked about, you can also stop into the buildings and check out the bulletin boards to see if there are any interesting flyers. Sometimes students are conducting research and seeking participation (sometimes paid)! So if you want some extra money or just to help the future of research at your university, volunteer yourself for a research project.

3. Volunteer for university researchers.

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Just as university researchers need participants, they often need people to help them conduct the studies; this is known as being a research assistant. Research assistants can sometimes get published if they are lucky.

4. Pay attention to emails for alumni events.

The email address you have from the university you went to is often good for awhile after graduation. I have heard that at EMU, the emails are good for at least five years. I don't know if that is true but I do know that I get many emails about events I can go to or things I can do at the university. It is nice to stay in the loop and find some cool things to do!

5. Use the recreation center!

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Many, but not all, recreation centers at universities and community colleges offer discounted memberships to their alumnae. This is a great way to stay involved and stay in shape!

6. Go to home games!

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Alumnae are often offered discounted tickets to sports games. If you want to stay involved on campus, root on their sports teams!

7. Advise an organization you were in during your studies.

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If you were in an organization, ask current leadership if you could help in the organization on some basis. I was the president of an organization in my last year of school. Now I am in a group chat with the new board members if they need to use it. I am also the alumnae advisor for my sorority so I can continue to help my sisters grow!

8. Attend a musical or play.

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Whether you went to a community college or the largest university in America, the schools must have a theater department or at least an auditorium.

Plays and musicals are great ways to support students and the department. Whether the show is good or bad, you are bound to have a great time!

9. Watch a band or choir concert.

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Similar to a play or musical, a band or choir concert is a great way to support the arts and students! On top of that, the concerts are often very short (usually around one hour).

10. Get a job!

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Various areas in a campus setting could be hiring! If you worked somewhere during college, ask about job opportunities for alumni.

If that doesn’t work there are many other areas of a college or university to work in. Departments like groundskeeping, maintenance, parking regulation and public safety are often hiring.

I will be doing many of these things in the year to come before I go back to school. So if you see me or any alum hanging out on campus, don't think we can't move on from college. I am a proud alumnus who lives close to campus and likes finding inexpensive ways to hangout.