Netflix is always coming out with new content. Whether it be new seasons of hit shows like "Orange Is The New Black" or "Stranger Things" or Comedy Specials from John Mulaney and Trevor Noah, they are always giving streamers a ton of options for whatever their heart desires to watch at any given moment.

Here is where "Stay Here" comes in. This show is all about Genevieve Gorder, designer extraordinaire, and Peter Lorimer, business and marketing expert, teaming up to help people across the country redesign and rebrand their short-term rental property. It is essentially the "Queer Eye" of house flipping shows. Sounds like something straight out of HGTV, right?

While this kind of show has been done before, there is something so new and appealing about redoing a short-term rental property. Usually, these shows feature a family who wants to redo their own home for themselves. But on "Stay Here," it is all about maximizing the experience for guests and doing what is functional for them and not the owner.

Even though it takes away that personal touch, the show is still intriguing because it gives a behind the scenes look at what owners of properties on sites like AirBnBs do. With people starting to move away from hotels and towards short-term rentals as their choice of housing for vacations or weekend getaways, it is interesting to learn the "science" behind getting people to book. I also feel as if I have learned how to spot the properties that go above and beyond for their guests versus the ones who just rent out an extra space with no extra thought.

This show is successful partly because it taps into a new market of home renovation that hasn't been done before, but mostly because who doesn't love a good success story? Genevieve and Peter know how to turn any kind of land or any kind of space into a luxury retreat for guests to enjoy and remember. Plus, it feels good watching the owners realize the potential of their space. It is one of those shows where you don't even realize how much it has sucked you in until you have four episodes deep and didn't even realize it!

"Stay Here" is a Netflix show that took me by surprise but was well worth the time watching it. With only eight episodes in season one, I am hoping for a season two full of Genevieve and Peter flipping short-term rentals into places of luxury with plenty of "social media moments," which is what they call a part of the house that is participially instagram friendly. And with all this new information, I think I will pay a lot more attention to the details when choosing a short-term rental property from a site like Airbnb now that I know what to look for thanks to "Stay Here."

Don't believe me? Check out the trailer HERE for yourself!