PSA: Ladies Stay Away From Professional Athletes!

PSA: Ladies Stay Away From Professional Athletes!

This is to all the jersey chasers out there who want to be with an athlete, especially NBA players. Let's be clear these athletes out here are used to getting everything handed to them by other people and here is why women should stay away from athletes and date someone more practical.

When I look at famous athletes specifically NBA players they have a pretty great life when it comes to money, fame, and feeling on top of the world. That all sounds great, trust me I understand but just based on my observation, I don't think being with a famous athlete is the most ideal situation for any woman. I don't think all famous athletes are bad, they do a lot of great things in their respective communities and there are people like Steph Curry and Lebron James who have been faithful to their partners since the day they met, but to me, those two couples are really rare in the world of professional athletes. I was recently at a Milwaukee Bucks Playoff Game a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you the number of jersey chasers that the game was insane and they weren't even wearing Bucks gear. There are situations such as Khloe Kardashian who was married to Lamar Odom (former NBA player) who continuously cheated on her during their marriage and don't forget Tristan Thompson. Lord have mercy this man is not good in relationships, because he left his first girlfriend Jordy Craig for Khloe Kardashian when she was about five months pregnant. He's cheated on Khloe twice: when she was about to give birth and almost a year after their child True Thompson was born. These athletes think that they can get away with bad behavior, because of who they are and the money they use to facilitate their "lifestyle". I was watching this tv show called WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars) and even though people think that reality tv is not "real" it does show an in-depth life of what is like to be an athlete and these women give up their dreams just to support their man and they have to "take care of them" yet they are grown men. It's honestly stupid that these athletes are expected to be treated like royalty which is extremely unrealistic because I wouldn't want to take care of a grown man.

Before I get into the negative parts of dating an athlete I'll list some of the positives that could come from being with an athlete. You probably won't have to worry about money, because most athletes especially NBA players are making millions upon millions of dollars and hey you might be able to get that dream house you've always wanted and a nice car. Another positive is their motivation because they know what they want and that shows their dedication to their team and the sport they love.

Here are some of the negatives that come to mind. They are always surrounded by women, who want to live a life of checking your partner dm's every five minutes. This "flashy" lifestyle can attract different types of women and even if your man is loyal, that doesn't stop these women from approaching them which will lead to jealousy. The last thing that comes to mind would be that athletes first priority is the game that they love which can pose a problem because you won't put as their top priority. Recently I saw Laura Harrier dumping Klay Thompson because he was cheating on her, even though he is trying to date two people at once which makes zero sense. There are some athletes that are good men, but that is a tiny percentage which is unfortunate.

Coming from a woman who loves sports, it may sound amazing being with an athlete, but you can find a man that is normal and can possibly make just as much money as an athlete.

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