Starting Off Gallery Season In Chicago!
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Starting Off Gallery Season In Chicago!

The Hottest Shows This September

Starting Off Gallery Season In Chicago!
Expo Chicago 2014

September Art Openings in Chicago

Here's a list of some of the noteworthy shows to check out in Chicago this September:

Saturday, September 9

Linda Warren Projects

Chris Silva

Group Show

327 North Aberdeen St.

Western Exhibitions

Lilli Carré

1709 West Chicago Ave.

Paris London Hong Kong

Adam Henry

1709 W Chicago Ave.

Volume Gallery

Chairs from Krueck+Sexton's 1980s Commissions

1709 W Chicago Ave.

Kavi Gupta

Jose Lerma and Gerald Williams

219 N Elizabeth St.

Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Group show curated by Josue Pellot and Robin Dluzen

319 N Albany Ave.

Tuesday, September 12

Shane Campbell Gallery

Tony Lewis

2021 S Wabash Ave.


Daniel G. Baird

740 E 56th Pl.

Thursday, September 14

Richard Gray Gallery

Jaume Plensa

875 North Michigan Ave.

Friday, September 15

McCormick Gallery

Anna Kunz

835 West Washington Blvd.

Kavi Gupta

Glenn Kaino

835 West Washington Blvd.

Carrie Secrist Gallery

Anne Lindberg

835 W Washington Blvd.

Volume Gallery

EXPO After Hours

1709 W Chicago Ave.


Curated by Alison Amick

756 North Milwaukee Ave.

September 13 - 17

EXPO Chicago, Navy Pier

600 E Grand Ave.

Thursday, September 28

Comfort Station, Logan Square

Unpacked Collective and Gather

2579 N Milwaukee Ave.

Saturday, September 30


John Cibula and Faith Wittrock

2058 West Chicago Ave.

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