Tips For Starting Off The New Semester Right

Things To Keep In Mind At The Start of A New College Semester

A lot of this article is me addressing my own concerns and reminding myself of the things I know I should keep in mind during the semester. I have one semester down as a freshman and I'm hoping that by keeping these things in mind- among a few others- I will be even more successful this semester.

During syllabus week, really make an effort to get yourself organized (whatever that means to you). This is going to undoubtedly set you up for a great semester. If you're the type of person that gets overwhelmed by having an abundance of syllabi, it might be helpful for you to write down assignments, test dates, and essential professor information (i.e., office hours, teaching assistant, email address, etc.) to help yourself accommodate.

Now onto the more candid advice.

Also, if the chance to party presents itself, TAKE IT. You can figure out what you like in a party setting without having actual schoolwork obligations! But, if you don't want to party, don't feel the need to. This can also be an excellent time involving yourself in campus activities and clubs or engaging in some essential self-care.

Socially, focus on fostering the friendships that feel natural. It wouldn't hurt to make friends in your classes and your major if applicable, but if you don't think that's cool too. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, friendships come naturally and if they're meant to last, they will. Understand that you literally meet HUNDREDS of people during the first few DAYS of the semester. You won't like every single person, and every single person won't like you. Also, you won't remember everyone's name. Don't be afraid to ask again. that little show of effort may be the thing the brings about a friendship

Don't be afraid to get involved in new ways! Go after new things and attend new events that peak your interest! You lose nothing from going to an event, and you might meet some amazing people or open yourself up to something you never knew you had an interest in.

Also, remember that college is about YOU. It's about what you're learning, who you're meeting, what you're doing, and what you're getting out of it. When you think of things in terms of what YOU want and what YOU think, it tends to put things in perspective. College is entirely an experience of your own, and you should prioritize your feelings.

Now, this is highly tailored towards my own thinking, but I hope that in sharing it, it might help someone else. Everyone in college is on an equal playing field more or less. When you begin to think that others are "out of your league" when it comes to forming relationships (friendships included), you begin to shrink yourself unnecessarily. Stop doing that. It's unhealthy and irrational. Nobody is "cooler" than you make them out to be, and if they are in fact "too cool" to talk to you, then is that someone you really want to be friends with anyway? No. We're all young adults doing the same things, more or less, on the same path. While talking to some people might be nerve-wracking, you can do it. Don't create hierarchies in your head where there are none.

You WILL be successful! It's up to you to maintain your focus and hone in on your own happiness. This semester is yours! Go for it!

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