A Beginner's Guide To Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is my absolute favorite artist. Her musical symphony is awe-inspiring and her lyrics are a force to be reckoned with. She is like an embodiment of all the old souls from the 1900s - her energy and musical taste are inspired by Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, among others. The following list is a beginner’s guide inside my heart, my soul, and being, Lana Del Rey.

1. "Born to Die"

This song is just what you imagined, a grungy song on what life may seem to a person who is living it to the fullest.

2. "Blue Jeans"

This is an ode to a lover who has left her side, but their absence is so painful and even though the relationship was not ideal, the love she feels for him is constant and infinite.

3. "Radio"

This song is basically her describing the happiness of hearing herself on the radio. Lana actually had a hard time getting to where she is now, but she finally has it all.

4. "Summertime Sadness"

This is a "sad girl hours" kind of song. If you're missing someone this summer, this song is perfect for you!

5. "Ride"

This song is perfect for a road trip and it's just so deep for no reason. Life is a ride; that's the message of the song.

6. "Burning Desire"

Very lustrous and the vibe is all sultry, baby.

7. "Cruel World"

I get in my bag when I hear this song. It's a song about how much heartbreak hurts after you give your entire heart to someone.

8. "Brooklyn Baby"

This has a very hippie tone to it and it's very rock. It reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd and Janis Joplin (for all my old heads out there).

9. "West Coast"

The music in this song is a beautiful mix of hip-hop beats with very retro-y vibes. It makes you feel like you're in California.

10. "Pretty When You Cry"

I love the rock in this song, and I'm not even a rock fan. This is really relatable for my girls out here! Lana does a perfect job of showing our vulnerabilities in a way that empowers us rather than belittle us (and by us, I mean women).

11. "Florida Kilos"

Who wouldn't want to be the "Ride or Die" of a drug lord?

12. "High By the Beach"

The title says it all, but be careful, it's more than what it seems. This song points out the ego of men. Guys, sometimes we just wanna chill.

13. "Freak"

Just drop everything and lets run away together. Lets just be ourselves!

14. "Art Deco"

You just want all the attention, but I see right through your cold, gun metal facade.

15. "Religion"

You're my religion! Obviously an ode to a lover and how much their love is idealized by her.

16. "The Blackest Day"

Billie Holiday is mentioned in this song because this is a goodbye song to someone that she really loved.

17. "13 Beaches"

This song was written after Lana struggled to find peace outside of the limelight; not a lot of deep meaning to it but the song is deep either way!

18. "Cherry"

This is a song describing what love is and how she melts into it.

19. "White Mustang"

This is kind of like "Summertime Sadness" and it reminds me a lot of move out day; you say goodbye to all the "love and lust" ventures you had and start new ones in the summer.

20. "Summer Bummer" ft. A$AP Rocky

Be my lover? Lana just wanna be booed up, and after listening to this song, I do, too.

21. "Heroin"

I know, I know. It's a song named after a drug, but remember she writes her music with the intention of it being deeper than what you can scratch the surface.

22. "Change"

This song is about being open to change no matter what. Change doesn't always have to be about becoming better for others, and it doesn't have to be for others. Change will always be there, you just have to be ready for it.

These are my favroite songs by Lana Del Rey and they mean more than what they seem when you first listen to the words. Lana Del Rey is one of those deep artists that you to just relax and listen to; she makes you understand a story through her sounds and words. That’s what makes her music so beautiful.

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