Starkid Productions, also known as Team Starkid, was introduced to the world in 2009 through a show called, "A Very Potter Musical." The show which was a parody of the Harry Potter books and movies caught the attention of the Harry Potter fandom and as they say - the rest is history.

The team which was founded by theatre alums from the University of Michigan has expanded over the past decade. The team has produced eleven musicals, three sketch comedy shows, and two concert tours. In addition, they've been invited to a number of events, such as LeakyCon, G6, and Elsie Fest (which was created by Starkid founding member, Darren Criss). In 2015, they returned to their alma mater to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Dept. Of Theater and Drama.

In their most recent musical, "The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals" we explore what happens when a musical apocalypse takes over the town and essentially turns life into a musical. The ironic part is that Starkid musicals have the ability to make those who don't like musicals, enjoy them to the fullest extent.

Team Starkid and their productions are one of the finest forms of personal enjoyment for me. I was introduced to Starkid in late middle school/high school via scenes from "A Very Potter Musical." I enjoyed the show and decided I wanted to dive in and experience more. It's a decision I will never regret.

A large majority of people do not see Starkid musicals are a serious part of the theatre world. Some view as a group full of parodies and silly shows. However, it's these same shows that have inspired many young people to become a part of the theatre. Many fans have come to like musical theatre in general due to the influence of Starkid. Others have taken the time to produce their own content, creating growth of community theatre. This also includes taking the time to put on Starkid musicals in their own towns.

The musicals that the team produce can take as much effort as any other musical. In addition, they manage to produce full-length musicals on a small number of resources, which includes the Kickstarter fund they fans provide for some of the musicals.

Starkid musicals change the way theatre can be done. It opens up the concept that the formula for musicals doesn't always have to be followed. Each of their musicals, in some shape or form, manage to challenge a stereotype of typical theatre. The musicals also take the opportunity to not only provide a large number of laughs but also lessons along the way. The team's productions have created a community of fans who consistently interact with each other, but also have an enormous love for the team.

I may not know them, but I'm always proud of them and all their achievements. I've gained many friends being a part of the Starkid community that are always there for each other. I'm grateful for Team Starkid being around for the past 10 years and all the things they've achieved and will continue to in the future.

Thank you, Starkid, for everything.