In high school I won most likely to show up late to class with Starbucks, freshman year I won Zeta's formal paper plate award for "Starbucks Queen" and this year at paper plate awards I won, "most likely to overdose on Starbucks", so if anyone is qualified enough to give you recommendations... it's most definitely me.

Side note**

Starbucks $3 reusable cold drink cup has become my everything... I use it daily: at the gym, at home when I want water, at pregames to hold my chasers, and of course every time I go to Starbucks-which is very often! It's so cheap, not to mention the amount of plastic and sea turtles you help save along with saving 10 cents every purchase. ;)

1. Mango dragonfruit refresher with lemonade 

2. Peach citrus green tea lemonade

3. Peach citrus white tea lemonade 

4. White tea lemonade

5. Passionfruit iced tea with lemonade

One of my all year round go to's- can also try using raspberry sweetener instead.

6. Violet drink

Kinda like the pink drink... but violet.

7. Pink drink

8. Mango black tea lemonade 

If you don't like mango, you can try just the black tea lemonade!

9. Strawberry green tea lemonade

10. Green tea lemonade

11. Pineapple black tea lemonade

12. Shaken iced pina colada tea 

13. Peach ring tea

14. Pink raspberry passion tea

15. Swedish berry iced tea

16. Berry hibiscus passion tea

17. Strawberry açaí refresher 

Add lemonade!

You'll thank me later.