Starbucks Controversy

"It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas", oh wait it is not Christmas time until Starbucks release their new winter cups for the season! The only thing is, it comes with some sort of controversy every year.

Just like in 2015 with the red cups it begin with a guy by the name of Joshua Feuerstein and his video that he made discussing the cups in a viral video. According to the article, "Starbuck's red cup controversy explained", on, Feuerstein claims that Starbucks cannot celebrate Christmas. In the article, Feuerstein talks about how he thinks that Starbucks has accepted political correctness. In my opinion, I feel like he is bashing Starbucks saying what Starbucks can or cannot do, but in reality it is not true. According to Starbucks Corporation, they state that Starbucks doesn't have any issue with celebrating Christian holidays. On the Starbucks website, you can see that they sell all kinds of christmas items such as Christmas ornaments, Advent calendars, as well as a Christmas flavored coffee.

Now, this years holiday cups are green and once again it is stirring up controversy. The new green cup features a “mosaic of more than a hundred people drawn in one continuous stroke,” the company says represents community and unity in a time of political divisiveness according to Some people have accused Starbucks that any holiday cup designs that don't contain Christmas imagery is that they are against Christian beliefs. In fact, a statement released from Starbucks has said that they have never put "Merry Christmas" on the cups or use wintry images, words such as "joy", or any other holiday words.

I feel like who cares what the cups look like. If you don't like what the cups look like then do not get your coffee or latte from Starbucks. Go somewhere else. It does not matter what Starbucks is doing. Even though there are other things about Starbucks that I dislike such as prices, I feel they are trying to get people in the mood for the holidays because it is a stressful time of year.

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