4 Stages of Registering For Classes

4 Stages of Registering For Classes

As told by an unlucky college student.


This is for all the college students out there who have experienced the chaos of registering for the following semester's classes and understand the struggle that such a seemingly minor task brings.

1. Confidence 

As the current semester moseys to an end, registering for classes seems lightyears away, until suddenly it's November and you realize you only have a week to get yourself together! And yet, after you rummage through a list of courses and stalk instructors on ratemyprofessor.com, you feel utterly sure that this detail-oriented, strategically-planned schedule will fall effortlessly into your lap.

2. Stress 

As your designated registration date approaches, you can't help but watch your preferred classes like a hawk, feeling helpless as the number of seats left continuously drop. You furiously search for backup classes, after complaining to your friends of course, and soon begin to rethink your luck of scoring the perfect schedule. 8 a.m.'s aren't that bad...right?

3. Panic 

The day of registration is here, and you roll out of bed before 7 a.m. for the first time all semester, miserably turning the brightness down on your laptop because it is just. too. early. You log onto the website, and all you can do is anxiously wait until 7 a.m. and pray that the it refuses to crash. 6:59 is the longest minute of your life, and suddenly you're navigating the website, violently typing your classes into the allotted spaces and holding your breathe as you hit submit. As expected, though much to your dismay, you're kicked offline and forced to restart. This time your submission is successful, though you really only succeeded in securing three out of your five classes. Here comes the real rush of panic. You begin to question your major, because how are you supposed to graduate if you're unable to take the required courses? And you begin to brainstorm the best excuse to explain to your dean why you just can't take the 8 a.m. history class, even though it's you're only option. OH, and you definitely start e-mailing professors in hopes of them overriding the system and granting you a seat in their class.

4. Acceptance 

After days of failed attempts at reconfiguring your schedule, you finally accept that you just aren't that lucky. You're willing to tackle these classes anyway! But, do you really have a choice? And who knows, maybe your 8 a.m. will turn out to be your favorite class! ... Eh, who am I kidding, it will be terrible! But, there's always next semester ...let's hope this cycle doesn't repeat itself!

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10 Things To Do When Your Friend From Home Comes To Visit You At UIUC

Bringing a part of home to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus makes any activity more fun!


One of the coolest things about going to a college away from home is when your friend from home comes to visit! Here are 10 ideas of things to do on campus.

10.  Go ice skating at the Campus Recreation Ice Arena.

Ice skating is a super fun activity! And at U of I, there is an ice skating rink at the campus rec center by Armory. Whether you both are good at it or are both bad at it, do it. And if both of you fall, it is alright because you two are doing it together.

9. Take them to a party.

If your friend is up for it, take them to a party! Especially around by Armory Street, fraternities, apartment crawls, you name it! Just be safe while having fun!

8. Shop and dine on Green Street.

Shopping is such a fun thing to do, especially when your friend is in town. Go by Green Street and definitely check out Ragstock and/or Urban Outfitters for the most retro clothes! To eat afterward, there are many options such as Panera Bread, Panda Express, Potbelly's, and Mia Za's.

7. Take them to a lecture

If your friend comes during a school week, take them to a lecture. Say you do not talk to anyone in STAT 100 class filled with a ton of students, at least you will have someone to goof around with. Pay attention, or at least try to.

6. Go to Illinites

A great experience that UIUC offers is called Illini Nites, which are free movie nights at the Illini Union every Friday and Saturday evening. Plus, they offer free popcorn and show awesome movies such as "Crazy Rich Asians" and "Get Out”

5. Visit Downtown Champaign

A total must during your friend's visit is going to Downtown Champaign. From snazzy restaurants like Nando Milano, or cool sights like the "Mr. Eggwards" sculpture, there are a wide range of things to do! If you both are city kids, use Downtown Champaign as a chance to gain more perspective.

4. Go to Merry Ann's

When in doubt, eat it out. And where? Merry Ann's Diner! From amazing milkshakes to tasty burgers, Merry Ann's diner is a great place to dine and chat. Additionally, it is open 24 hours! P.S. this is a great go-to spot after a long night of partying.

3. Introduce them to your college buddies

Now that your friend from home is in town, introduce them to your new niche! Show them how you and your college buddies take the campus by storm!

2. Give a tour of campus 

Show your home friend around the UIUC campus! Show them the Quad, walk by the Ikenberry Commons, go to the Undergraduate Library, and more! It is a great way to recap all of the things you have done so far in the school year. And you will definitely see the celebrities of the campus: squirrels! Lots and lots of squirrels...

1. Make every moment count

Ensure that your friend is enjoying their visit! Remember, they busted a mission to come see you. Be with them occasionally and make sure they are comfortable. Because once the end of the visit hits, you want to able to say "See you later” knowing your friend enjoyed their visit!

Having a weekend with your friend(s) from home really adds on to the college experience. You get to show them how you are adapting to the UIUC lifestyle and hope they enjoy themselves enough to come visit again! College friends are the ones who stay with you for the rest of your life, but it would not hurt to keep the close friends from home who have made an impact on your life prior (and still do to this day).


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15 Ways To Make This Semester Yours

You want to start off on the right foot.


Starting off a new semester can be challenging. Trying to find all your classes, meeting new professors, getting your textbooks and just adjusting. Here are some hacks to help you have a great semester.

1. Color Coordination Is Key

Give each class a color. History is blue, math is red, English is green, etc. This way anytime you write an assignment in your planner you have an assigned color to that class and know that if you see a test written in red you have a math test on Thursday. Also, whether you like folder, binder or journals have each class have that color in whatever you want to use. For me, I have a journal for every class. So, when I look in my backpack at 7 a.m. getting ready for class and I'm half asleep when I see a blue journal I know that I am ready for my history class that day.

2. Unique Note Taking

If you're the type of person that likes taking notes on the computer try a different font every now and then. Studies show that when your notes are unique you are more likely to remember them. Try different colors, different sizes, different fonts! The more unique the more information you'll store.

3. Plan it out

At the end of syllabus week, make sure you take 30mins to write down everything in the syllabus calendar in your own planner. Write down when everything is due, but also write down when you're going to get everything down. For example, if you know you have a paper due on 17th also write down that on the 10th you're going to go to the writing center. Which gives you 7 days before the paper is due to fix any mistakes and not be pulling an all-nighter.

4. All Nighters Will Happen

No matter how hard we try we are always going to end up having at least one all-nighter this semester. If this happens to you try to take at least a 15-30 minute nap before your test or class to make sure your body resets itself to ensure you have a good day.

5. Study Time

Your brain will retain more information if you study first thing in the morning versus last minute before bed. If you're cramming for an exam it helps to get a good night sleep and wake up in the morning to cram rather than stay up all night studying. When your brain is already tired from the day you won't retain any of the information you are studying no matter how much caffeine you have.

6. Having Fun On A Budget

Keep track of your spending by creating a budget spreadsheet. This way you can spend money, but also save. Give yourself a certain amount of money to spend each week that way you're not over-spending.

7. Writing Papers

When you finish writing a paper copy and paste it into either Google Translate or Grammarly. Google Translate will read your paper back to you that way you can hear your mistakes and fix them. Grammarly will read over your paper and help you fix grammar mistakes.

8. Can't Focus During Class?

Take your phone and put it up against your laptop to record the lecture. This way you aren't using your phone during class and if you miss something the professor says you can go back and listen to the class. This will not only help you focus during class and it will help you study more.

9. Trying To Charge Your Phone

I'm the type of person that likes my phone right next to me when I sleep. However, when you have a short charger and an outlet across the room its hard to charge your phone at night. Use a command strip to put a power strip up against your bed. That way, you can charge things without needing a bedside table.

10. Mathway is the way

Mathway allows you to insert math problems and it automatically gives you the answer with step by step explanations. It helps your math homework go by so much faster.

11. Stage Fright

When giving a speech change the text color every four lines so it is easier to keep your place when reading and delivering your speech.

12. Lean on your friends

Make friends in your classes the first. That way you can have a group of people you already know when it comes times for study groups or group presentations. It also helps to have friends when you give your own presentations they can ask you questions that you already know to help boost your grade.

13. Ramen Is Bad For You

Invest in a pasta cooker. DASH has a really good one for only $20. That way you can cook all different types of pasta and add meat or cheese, even cook rice. You can be healthy but on a budget.

14. Grape Juice

If you like Concord grape juice, you're in luck — Some evidence shows drinking grape juice can help you process new information and enhance your memory better.

15. Need More Sleep 

This semester, start it off right by having a good sleep schedule. Sleeping on your right side helps you fall asleep faster than sleeping on your left side helping you get more sleep faster.

Good luck and have a great semester!

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