9 Stages Every Girl Goes Through When Choosing An Outfit For The Night, As Told By Lizzie McGuire

Everyone knows that the worst part of going out in the process of getting ready. This stressful task can only be accurately described through Lizzie McGuire.

1. When you try to pick out a cute outfit

When you swear you never have any cute clothes

2. When you decide to try something a little *edgy*

That new ripped off the shoulder top of the faux nose ring you picked up at the mall.

3. When you try to dress according to the weather

There's a chance of snow so maybe I should wear those boots...

4. Realizing that you're going to wear the same thing you always do.

I mean how many people really remember that I wore this top out last weekend?

5. Trying to figure out if your accessories match

If my shoes are black and my necklace is black, is that too much black?

6. Doing that new makeup trend only to realize you look like a clown.

Contour? Highlight? Where's that weird brush at?

7. Trying out something a little different with your hair.

Maybe I'll try that new Pinterest braid I found...

8. Accepting that you look good no matter what you wear

You can rock anything!

9. Because now you can head out for a night of fun.

This is what dreams are made of right?

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