The Stages Of WTW Told By 'Gossip Girl'

The Stages Of WTW Told By 'Gossip Girl'

"You know you love me" -The Strip

Summer is here and so are the infamous White Trash Wednesdays at The Strip. It's time for flannels, cut-up crop tops, gator apparel, and beer t-shirts. There's just something special about these Wednesday summer nights; maybe it's the fact that every guy is wearing uncomfortably short jorts or maybe it's that the entire student body is packed like sausages inside The Strip. Who knows? All I know is that we can't stop our trashy obsession, and we definitely can't stop the stages that come with our Wednesday night festivities. From the moment we wake up to the Thursday hangover, we all can relate to what comes along with this summer tradition.

1. Waking up in the morning and realizing that today is the greatest day of the week.

2. You come out of your room and your roommate asks what you're doing tonight as if she doesn't already know.

3. After going through your entire closet, you finally find a killer outfit that is the perfect balance of trashy yet cute.

4. You and all your friends are getting ready for the night together.

5. Having a quick photo shoot before you leave the house.

6. That one person that thinks it's funny to jokingly ask if we are going to Recess tonight.

7. Admiring The Strip as you're anxiously waiting to walk inside.

8. Remembering that you got pre-banded and you don't have to wait in the long line.

9. You somehow become best friends with the girl fixing her lipstick next to you in the bathroom.

10. But then you realize that you'll probably never see each other ever again.

11. When you don't have a wrist band and security thinks that they're going to stop you from having a good time... ha, yeah right.

12. One of your friends gets in her drunk feels and you rush to her side and comfort her.

13. When your group gets split up in the crowds of people.

14. Running into that girl you hate.

15. When you know it's time to leave.

16. One of your friends suggests getting McDonald's before you call an Uber.

17. Realizing that you get to do it all over again next week.

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Tactical Wallet – Multi Utility Miniature Model for Money protection

Tactical Wallet – Multi Utility Miniature Model for Money protection

The word tactical wallet may make you think of a military style device to safeguard your money and credit cards from accidental slips and intentional pickpockets. Of course, the wallet does perform these tasks to perfection. In addition it stores a hidden inventory of tools for performing simple to complex tasks in your everyday life. You can use the bottle opener, screw driver, knife, ruler and many other applications. The tactical wallet is the best tool for the habitual absent minded persons who forget to carry useful utilities while traveling, working, partying or simply spending an evening out with family. 

Tactical Wallet- Design and Construction 

Most of the tactical wallet types are compact in size. The average dimensions vary from 0.4" x 5.5" x 9.5" to higher values. Most of them weigh from 3 ounces to 6 ounces when empty. They may have single or multiple handles depending on the size and other constraints. 

· Interior Space: The interior space made available in the wallet allows you to store plenty of miniature tools safely. For example, you may store a knife, fixed blade and other miniature utilities. In addition, the wallet can hold a handful of credit cards and sufficient cash to buy enough groceries for a week. 

· Compact Construction: In spite of accommodating good volume of space, the tactical wallet construction is compact and easily fits into every standard size pocket easily. In fact it can even find its way into smaller size pockets of the stylish jeans and mid waist pants you wear. The base material of the wallet is generally leather with the best quality and durability parameters. The outer metal cover is fitted with one or more clips. The clip is made of stainless steel, ABS plastic, or other sleek and strong material. 

· Technical Tools: Many of the advanced tactical wallet types operate on battery and they have some of the top utilities like spy gear lets you detect the pranks played by your friends on you. The other utilities include flashlight, remote cell phone charger, e-diary and other compact electronic gadgets built into the wallet. 

· Exterior Frame: The exterior frame of the tactical wallet is made of a metallic chassis. Now you can hold the frame in your hand grip and use it like a miniature saw for cutting wood and fiber objects. You can also use it for trimming and finishing the exterior surface areas of boxes, chairs, tables and other miniature furniture and fixture.  The other utilities are nail and screw removal within a few minutes. 

· Cell-Phone Holder: The exterior construction of the tactical wallet also lets you use it as a compact cell phone holder. The designers have created sufficient space and protective layers to safeguard the cell phone from shocks and vibrations. 

Tactical Wallet – Elegance and Style 

The maker of the tactical wallet considers the parameters of elegance and style as a top priority. They are shaped to form attractive designs, modest colors, metallic coating and attractive finishing. The seasoned leather materials are from the distant corners of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. They reflect the genuine nature of their origin, yet adapt to your individual preferences for modern style. 

Tactical Wallet – Perfect Protection 

· Slip-Free: The slip free exterior texture ensures the wallet stays within your pocket unless you decide to take it out. The money clip and the pocket clip keeps the wallet attached to your pocket’s interior with a tight grip. 

· RFID-Block: The concept of RFID blocking is somewhat new, yet it has proven to be digitally safe for your credit cards and other e-sensitive devices you carry. You may safeguard your account and card details from the potential hackers. 

· Card Holder: The card holder slot in the tactical wallet is safe enough to protect he cards from accidental falls. At the same time it has the right volume of slits to take out the cards and cash without causing any damages to them. 

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Why You Should Get A MoviePass?

Any Movie, Any Theater, Any Day, Are you sold yet?

MoviePass is the greatest ten dollars you will ever spend and actually right now you can get it for a special of $9.95 a month. You can literally see any movie every day of the week. You can even see the movie opening night!

Reasons why you should get one:

1. It's actually a fantastic deal!!

Ticket prices are around 11 dollars at our local theater, so basically I could go to the movies once a month and I have already paid for my subscription. Apparently it used to be $50 per month, and didn't not get much interest. This steal of a deal that has been offered since December is something jump on while it last. It is available in over 91% of theaters in the U.S. including AMC, Cinemark, and Regal Cinemas.

2. If you're a college student/high school aged and hate spending money.

MoviePass is great for a group of friends who struggle to find fun things to do on the weekends and already spend too much money at Waffle House to begin with. For example, an organization I'm involved with on campus a group of us now have a MoviePass and go when we have free time. Like just made an A on a test movie time, or failed a test movie time, need a break from work movie time, need to procrastinate a paper a little more movie time. Now I am not condoning putting movies before school, but if you ever need a break this is a great outlet.

3. Basically the cost of going out to eat ONCE.

I hate when people say they don't have the money for it, but then always go out to eat for all their meals. I want to say if you cooked a few meals a week at home you would be basically paying for your MoivePass. Literally people can spend ten dollars without even questioning it. In theory, if money ever gets tight you can always cancel it.

4. You can also earn rewards for going to the movies.

Most theaters have a loyalty rewards program, so then you are building up points to earn free concessions. One of my co-workers was telling me she had 6,000 points built up just from having a MoviePass for almost two months now. 1,000 points earns a free popcorn at our local theater. So not only are you paying for movies dirt cheap, but you can eventually build up free food. Cheap and free is like magic words to a college students ears!

5. You aren't harming the theaters.

The MoviePass company is buying the movie theater tickets at whatever price they are offered at. So that means it is only MoviePass operating at a loss and not your local theaters.

6. There is even a fancy app.

The app keeps track of the movies you watched and when you watched them. So you can always recall the terrible movie nights and easily remember which ones are on the must buy dvd list! Although the only downfall is you must check in once you get the movies on this app, so the app can be a little buggy at times.

Overall, MoviePass is not for a family of five I get that my parents would laugh if I suggested this for them. Although for those who are young, cheap, and not too overbooked this is the ideal Friday night demand. I know in my little college town MoviePass has been selling like wildfire and it's the new craze. Also, you get your own little debit card that automatically loads the precise amount that is needed to buy your ticket. Which just blows my mind how amazing technology is nowadays. So if you are thinking should I do this?? I say YES try it out! The worst that can happen is you realize you don't go enough and cancel it after one month!

Cover Image Credit: Consumer Impulse

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