The Endless Process That Is Planning Spring Break
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The Endless Process That Is Planning Spring Break

I've been planning spring break since December, and here's what I've realized about planning a vacation.

The Endless Process That Is Planning Spring Break
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Spring break is upon us very soon (or for some people, it's already here) and for college kids, it's our saving grace from the stress and hard work of the semester. Some people have been planning since fall semester (and for that, I commend you, since I've figured out how hard it can be). I, however, have only taken a couple months total, and let me tell you, it's been a trip (no pun intended).

1. Deciding who to go with.

This one was a no brainer, so long as we were both able to get off work for the same timeframe.

2. Deciding where you want to go.

This was at first the easiest of the steps after deciding who I was spending my break with.

3. Asking time off (and making sure you get it!)

Easy concept, nerve-wracking waiting for the approval.

4. Researching exactly where to stay/where to spend time.

I must have looked at so many places in New Orleans on Google and Airbnb.

5. The inevitable snag, part 1: Cost of travel is what, now?

We are broke college-aged students. As soon as we started researching and bouncing ideas off each other, we realized that the likelihood of doing everything we wanted in NOLA after traveling would be very slim. So we came up with a new plan: Tybee Island and Savannah.


I bought tons of stuff throughout the process specifically for this trip.

7. Realizing that "Oh crap, I still have homework to do in the meantime."

My mind has been on this vacation since the beginning of the semester.

8. Inevitable snag, part 2: Ok, so travel time is what, now?

My friend's car had been having issues, so we wanted to make sure we had a travel plan that didn't put as much stress on the vehicle or us (I didn't want to stay on a bus for hours-his car is much more comfortable!). So we decided on another location so that we could get there in one piece and not have to spend a fortune on a hotel and gas mileage. A friend of his family is gracious enough to have us as guests in their home for our entire stay!

9. T-Minus Time.

Still can't focus that much on school as it's 2 WEEKS UNTIL WE LEAVE as of 3/18.

10. Last-Minute Things.

Knowing me, I'll likely forget something that I needed and have to scramble to the store to buy it right before departure time, or repack my suitcase because I forgot one thing and now it all won't fit right. I'm also going to check my suitcase at least ten times to make sure everything is there before I walk out the door.

11. Break!

Finally, I'll get to head down to Florida after the planning and stressing and just get to relax with my best friend.

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