The 5 Stages Of No Longer Being Able To People

One of the key parts of being an introvert is that social interaction can be very draining, and there will come a point when you just can't deal with people anymore. It doesn't really matter if you're around people you love or hate, sometimes you just need to run away and grab some alone time fast.

1. Denial

You start to feel kind of irritated for no reason... Maybe the people around you are perfectly okay, but you need to get out of the situation fast and even feel a little tired. Wait... What? You can't get out of this without looking rude? Well... Maybe if you at least try to act sociable until you can leave...

2. Anger

Eventually, it'll become too much and you'll start lashing out. So much for not looking rude. It's really nothing personal (Usually), you just want to be alone and some unavoidable reason is preventing that... And it's really frustrating!

3. Bargaining

You start planning for a way to get out of this situation. If there are enough people, you can just slip out and they won't notice until about five minutes after you left. If it's less, maybe one of them will want to leave... eventually... Or you could just come up with a REALLY good excuse.

4. Depression

And there's no way to leave, even if you are drained of any and all energy. You start to look bored and let down your facade even more, but at this point you don't really care that the people in your proximity think you're rude. Hey, best case scenario, they'll think you're ill or something and let you go.

5. Acceptance

Ah, finally, sweet solitude! Now, you'll know all that peopling is worth it if you can get a break like this! And you know in the end that this doesn't make you rude or a weirdo, you just can't handle being around people as much as an extrovert, and that's okay.

So, in order to have an ounce of sanity at the close of Spring Break, if you'll excuse me, I'll be curled up in a blanket burrito and watching Netflix this weekend.

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