Christmas time is around the corner! We buy gifts for friends and family who are significant individuals in our lives. However, the sad truth is: college means you are broke 24/7. So even though you want to buy the best gifts for everyone, it means you have to stress about budgeting, what to get and get it by Christmas.

These are 7 stages of broke college students buying gifts for Christmas.

1. Broke and budgeting

First, we mentally count how many gifts we have to buy. Any number of gifts is still pushing the budget, but you are determined to make it work. So you sit there and realize you must sacrifice Chipotle until Christmas is over. It's a sad day.

2. What do I get?

So now that you have mentally made a list of who to get gifts for, you have to find what to get each and every person. However, you are drawing a blank on almost everyone and can't think of special, meaningful gifts to get. Oh, the headache!

3. Taking a break.

It's still a couple of weeks away and with school work piling up, you put it aside for the time being and make a note to get back to it soon.

4. T-1 week left.

You snap out of a "coma-like-state" one day and realize there is only 1 week left until Christmas. You have gotten a total of 0 gifts. You are in panic mode.

5. Set the date

For waiting until the last minute, you have set a full day for the mall. You keep telling yourself, "it's okay!" because you have a whole day at the mall. There is still hope.

6. Shop 'til you drop!

You have been shopping for so long your legs feel like they will collapse. Your wallet is empty, but your arms are carrying 5 too many bags. You are more broke than ever, but you have accomplished your goals. You really don't know how to feel.

7. Christmas is here!

Christmas is here and everyone you love has gotten their gifts. You did it! Oh, what a happy day.

Happy Holidays!