How Stacey Dash Became Fox News' Pawn
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How Stacey Dash Became Fox News' Pawn

Her thirst for attention has made her "Clueless."

How Stacey Dash Became Fox News' Pawn

Whenever an issue becomes a hot button topic in mainstream media, news outlets bring two people together from separate sides of an issue in order to give a fair and unbiased view of the situation at hand.

But at certain times, news media have their own hidden-in-plain-sight agendas. They want to make sure that their particular message gets into the viewer's mind. In turn, they cherry-pick the commentators and the people they interview on certain topics.

In order to find insight into the recent Oscars boycott by certain members of Black Hollywood, they decided to bring actress Stacey Dash on the channel to commentate.

Once the recent Stacey Dash Fox News interview became viral, I, along with most of Black America, wondered why, out of all the intellectual, accomplished, logically-minded black people on this earth, Fox would choose Stacey Dash as a credible source of information on current events.

I decided to do some research. I wanted to understand how Stacey Dash became a political figure. I remember Stacey Dash from her prominent role in the movie "Clueless" back in the 90s. From the filmography on her Wikipedia page, it looks like she's had a consistent acting career since then; however, I couldn't find any professional avenues that would give her political authority.

What I did find, though, was a highly publicized decision. She had publicly announced during the 2012 Presidential election that she was going to vote for Mitt Romney, despite her support for Obama four years earlier.

With one tweet, she became the most prominent face of Black Conservatism. Being a minority inside of a minority, there isn't much representation in mainstream media. Historically, black people tend to be more liberal, so to have a spokesperson for a subset of the American community that the Romney campaign probably had trouble reaching must have seemed quite enticing to them. I understand why that endorsement happened and how both parties benefited from it. The Romney campaign got insight into the black community, and Stacey Dash found a way to become relevant again. Everybody wins.

Through that endorsement, Fox News decided to welcome Dash as their newest "contributor."

Fox News is notorious for letting contributors on air that don't say the most politically-correct things. But, in the beginning, it seemed like Fox News co-signing Stacey Dash could have been an effort to grab a more diverse audience. There may have even been an air of positivity in the matter. She could have been that voice for black conservatives that was absent on television.

However, it's obvious that they keep bringing Dash back on because she bleeds controversy. Whenever she's on Fox News, she always says something offensive that gets everyone talking about her.

Through her comments about BET and Black History Month, she's been talked about on countless TV and radio talk shows and she's been a trending topic on social media for a week straight. She thrives on that attention that she hasn't been able to get recently through her acting career. Fox News gave her that platform to gather a audience demographic that they wouldn't have reached otherwise.

It seems that she desperately wants to be accepted by her conservative peers that she's willing to say anything, and willing to tear down anybody (even her own people) in order to be a part of something, since Hollywood doesn't have a place for her anymore. She doesn't even have a place inside of her own black community due to her constantly tearing them down and driving a wedge between herself and blackness. It's all thanks to Fox News.

Stacey Dash is a jester. When Fox News says dance, that's exactly what she does. She and her outlandish comments are nothing to take seriously. The American public should stop being an audience to her foolishness. Once Fox News notices Stacey Dash is dancing for an empty audience, they are sure to pull her from the stage like she's bombing the Apollo. It's only a matter of time.

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