The best part about St. Patrick's Day is it is one of the few holidays where no one tells you what to do to celebrate. If you are into parades, you can check out your local news for the times, or if you are into the bar scene, many people take St. Patrick's Day as an opportunity to day drink and get a little crazy with their friends. Anyone is welcome to celebrate on this day in whatever way they see fit. Here are 10 ideas for those of you who are unfamiliar with the holiday or just have no clue what to do to celebrate.

1. Go to a St. Patrick’s Day parade

Even if you aren't in New York City, you can still find St. Patrick's Day parades all over. Many towns will have their own celebration featuring local schools, Irish heritage centers, and musicians.

2. Pick up a book by an Irish author

Ireland is the home of many incredible authors, and groups like The Irish Arts Center in New York will give them out for free on special occasions. As some of you may recall, "Brooklyn" by Colm Toibin was made into a movie a few years ago, and received great reviews, which brings me to…

3. Watch an Irish movie

"Black '47" is a film with the same name as an Irish rock band from the Bronx and is about an Irish Ranger at war during the Great Famine. Even though it is a drama, it does share some true Irish history.

4. Drink

If you aren't the type for learning about history on a holiday, you can celebrate as most Americans do, by drinking. Even though it is not the most traditional way, there is sure to be some good craic.

5. Find a good designated driver

The safest thing to do if you drink is ensure you have a safe way of getting home after doing so.

6. Be a designated driver

If you aren't the drinking type, volunteer to be someone's designated driver so they can celebrate the way they would like to, and you can be sure they are safe.

7. Kiss an Irish person (with their consent)

It is said that kissing an Irish person on St. Patrick's Day is good luck. It shouldn't be too hard to find one, because many will wear a shirt that literally says "Kiss me, I'm Irish."

8. Wear green

On St. Patrick's Day we wear green. If you don't wear green, you get pinched. That's tradition.

9. Pinch people who aren’t wearing green

Again, it's tradition.

10. Make things that normally aren’t green

On St. Patrick's Day, green food coloring is your best friend. Even though it isn't necessary, you can make anything green for the day, especially food and drinks.