Springing Into A New Season
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Springing Into A New Season

Winter is finally over!

Springing Into A New Season

Here in the Midwest, we've had about the weirdest Sinter any of us have had in a very long time. Never mind that in February, as Sarah's Scribbles points out, we had temperatures hot enough to justify an ice cream. Some days, it would be sunny and warm. Other days, it would be cold, sometimes rainy. We even had a bit of snow in March. Regardless, it was a far cry from the standard Midwest Winter, which is basically being in a freezer combined with endless gray skies. A perfect recipe for depression.

But, now we're into Spring. Here are some tips to learn (or relearn) now that we're in the best season of the year:

Be grateful. I get it, it sucks to be in the rain. It drains your energy, makes being outside miserable, and if it doesn't produce that wonderfully earthy and clean smell, it's not fun. However, have you noticed how green it is outside? Didn't it seem wonderful to see green grass for the first time in months? For once, the weather is lining up with how we normally process the season. If we can hold out and not encounter a freak snowstorm in the next several weeks, we should be alright.

Get some swimming in. Now that the weather is good again, it's soon time for swimsuit season! And despite the Internet going to war against trolls again, this time over Amy Schumer being photographed in a swimsuit, just remember to enjoy the weather and the chance to be in the water again. Besides, since the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid won't be out for a while, this will have to suffice. (Though, whenever someone decides to poo-poo your decision to put on a swimsuit, it will always be appropriate to sing this to their faces.)

Ready your playlist. Speaking of singing, there's nothing wrong with getting your music ready for the good weather. If you've ever looked at movies and pop music, May is the prime month for the "Summer season", and this year is no exception for movies. With music, recall Katy Perry's sunniest hits (and start debates with your friends about her new single); be excited that Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys is releasing a new solo album (and remember that he produced an unsung Summer anthem by Lana Del Rey); and ready your arguments that the best Song of the Summer of this decade was made by Demi Lovato. Also, hold your breath in anticipation for Lorde to finally release her second album!

That should do for now. Now that it's April, there's no excuse to not be outside absorbing some Vitamin D, feasting on ice cream, and complaining about global warming making your life miserable. Until then, rejoice!

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