7 Best Places To Enjoy Spring At William Paterson University

With the weather getting nicer and the days getting longer, we should all be taking full advantage of any time we can spend outdoors. William Paterson in the spring should be full of students out and about, enjoying the complete lack of snow while it lasts. Our campus has a number of really great spots for premium outside time.

1. Zanfino Plaza

Located right in front of the student center, Zanfino Plaza is a great place to hang out when the weather is nice. There is plenty of space and a good amount of foot traffic if you like to be in the middle of everything. There are picnic tables off to the side, a plethora of benches, an open field and a big stone amphitheater. It's a great place to eat lunch, play music, toss a Frisbee or even do homework (there are outdoor outlets!).

2. High Mountain amphitheater

This may be a bit out of the way if you don't live in one of the High Mountains, but it is a nice place for a group of friends regardless. The large stone stairs offer seating for everyone and the acoustics are perfect for an outdoor jam session.

3. High Mountain

If you feel like taking a hike, the top of High Mountain makes a great picnic spot. The flat surface makes for a great place to lounge with friends. It's far enough away from the hustle bustle of campus and it puts you right in the middle of nature. The view of the city is also a plus.

4. Waterfall

The waterfall isn't exactly the place to hang out for hours, but hiking there and exploring around it offer a fun way to spend an hour or two. It's a bit of a hike to get out there, and you may return a bit soggier than when you arrived, but I promise you will have a fun adventure and a great story to tell.

5. Volleyball court

If you are into sports, or just want to pretend you are at the beach, the volleyball court outside of Century Hall is a great place for you. It is a small, one-net court, but there is a small set of bleachers and plenty of sand.

6. Speert Garden

Speert is not nearly as popular a space as Zanfino Plaza, but it offers a calmer field for picnicking, studying or reading a book. It is located not too far from the student center, right in front of Hunziker Hall.

7. Caldwell Plaza

Caldwell is also a slightly less populated alternative to Zanfino Plaza. It is in it's own area in front of the science center and has picnic tables on either side. It is under shade, unlike the other two open locations. I have found that it has a more intimate feel than either Speert or Zanfino.

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