Recently, I have discovered the show the office. Yes, I know that the show has been around for years, and yes I have lived under a rock during that period of time. The show is absolutely hilarious, and I'm so happy I discovered it.

It's the second week of college of my sophomore spring semester, and so far its been very interesting. to describe how it's been interesting, or how these past two weeks have been. I thought I would have my favorite character, Michael Scott, describe the pleasures of college. So here is college as told by Michael Scott.

1. When the first of many alarms go off...

I dread when the first alarm that I sent on my phone goes off, that means its the start of a new day. When in all honesty I want to go back to bed.

2. The 8 am class.

8 am's are rough, but having a cup of coffee may help you feel less dead inside... or not. But 8 am's, in my opinion, are extremely rough.

3. Doing class projects

Well, that pretty much sums that up.

4. When someone who annoys you tries to talk to you.

Again, that pretty much sums that up.

5. Meeting a new cute guy

You never know who you'll meet in college, it could be love at first sight. And I found someone who's pretty great, and to me is my Jim and I am his Pam... but this is about Michael, not my favorite iconic couple.

6. Going out in the cold... weather

God, I wish. But this winter has been brutal and filled with many snow storms and temperatures that were so cold. I am extremely ready for summer to be here.

7. When the professor says you don't need the textbook, and it's the only one you have of the three books that were required for that class!

That was the day I wanted to throw myself down a flight of stairs, but in all reality, it was OK and I got refunded for the textbook.

8. Realizing it's going to be a good semester! (Or will it?)

Besides all of the jokes I've made, I'm very excited to see what this semester brings me. And I will be looking at this semester very positively no matter what happens to get in my way. But I'm looking forward to having a way better semester.