5 Things That Makes Spring The Best Semester At FSU
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5 Things That Makes Spring The Best Semester At FSU

Because let's be real, it was about time football season ended.

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This is my third spring semester at FSU and already, it's living up to every expectation. FSU is a very unique school year round, but here are five of my favorite things that make spring semester so much fun.

1. FSU Basketball.

As a member of Seminole Sound, the (primarily) basketball pep band, I have the opportunity to get just about courtside seats to every men and women's basketball game.

2. Also baseball, softball, and all of the other spring sports.

Believe it or not, FSU is more than just a football school (especially after this past season)!! There are so many sports teams that are mostly ranked and have great records. Not to mention, there's nothing like a Saturday afternoon at Dick Howser Baseball Stadium eating peanuts and taking yourself out to a ball game!


You thought the late fall weather was nice? Think again! Spring brings absolute beautiful weather to Tallahassee which is especially enjoyable on our beautiful campus. Whether it's hammocking on Landis, or walking to class on Legacy Walk, get outside because it's beautiful!

4. Campus landscaping.

Shoutout to FSU's groundskeepers because the campus is absolutely beautiful specifically during the springtime. With the weather and the gorgeous campus flowers, walking to class isn't so bad!

5. Spring Break.

Southern schools get a little screwed in the fall semesters because we don't have a fall break - other than a few days off for Thanksgiving before the FSU/UF game. Spring semester brings the beautiful week long break right around midterms when everyone leaves Tallahassee to go skiing, to the beach, or just home to relax. But luckily, we all get a nice week off and a little taste of the pure bliss summer break will bring in a few months.

These are only my top five, so what are your favorite things about spring semester at FSU?

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