I went on a spring break trip with thirty sorority girls, most of them being in my sorority. Through this experience, you learn a lot... like a lot a lot. It was probably the best week I have ever had at the beach before, but also probably the craziest week I have ever had at the beach.

1. RIP to your sunnies.

Those cute new pair of sunnies you JUST bought for the trip? You'll get a good two days use out of them before they go missing or get broken, but hey who cares IT'S SPRING BREAK.

2. Girls are just as gross if not more gross than guys.

Believe it or not, this is true. Our house was just as trashed as a frat house, but hey you wake up, clean, and start over because IT'S SPRING BREAK.

3. Always wear pants and a bra because somebody will have boys over downstairs.

Honestly, if you just stay in your swim suit the whole time you will always technically be dressed, be ready to swim, be ready to tan, ready to do anything. It is considered an outfit because IT'S SPRING BREAK.

4. Do not dare a frat guy to jump in the pool unless you are ready to go with him. 

Oh, you dared Chad to jump in the pool? good luck Charlie! Frat guys don't care if you have a full face of makeup, hair done, the outfit on, or EVEN SHOES ON. You are going in too because IT'S SPRING BREAK.

5. You may wear your clothes, but other girls are too.

Girls will constantly borrow each other's clothes and wear them like it is there. It's not a big deal, and it is actually pretty funny. The only issue is when that piece of clothing suddenly disappears, you'll never get it back.

6. Waking up an intoxicated girl is like waking up a bear in hibernation. 

One false move and you wake her up... the whole house waking up. Just never admit it was you who woke her up or else that's a whole other crazy.

7. Write your name on literally everything.

With thirty girls, there is no way you could keep up with who had what groceries or which beach towel belongs to which girl. Just throw your initials on there in Sharpie and you are good to go.

8. Some people don't care if you write your name on everything.

They must have missed seeing my name written all over it!

9. The pool floats have a two day life.

The poor pool floats will last maybe two or three days before they either deflate or explode. Enjoy them while you can!

10. You can either make new best friends or new enemies.

Some girls you can grow really close to and become new best friends even after the trip, but sometimes you can create enemies.

11. You will see more boobs in one week than in your entire life.

Thirty girls in one house = not a lot of privacy.

12. Your house will turn into a homeless shelter.

When another house gets evicted, you will wake up to a ton of people sleeping on your living room floor.

13. What is silence?

Somebody will ALWAYS be yelling about something.

14. Time is non existent.

You sleep when you are tired, you have fun when you are awake. Time is just a number.

15. Showering with other girls is a very normal thing.

Uncomfortable showering with other girls? Hope you like a cold shower.

16. Speakers are not suppose to survive.

If you don't blow out at least one speaker, you are not doing spring break right.

17. Parking your car is like putting a puzzle together.

Ten cars? One driveway? Good luck Charlie.

18. Some neighbors can be cool.

I appreciated the neighbors who just came and told us to quiet down if we were being too loud. They are real for that.

19. Going anywhere as a group is basically impossible.

To bring thirty girls to one place at one time? There is no way that's happening.

20. Don't try and throw anything to each other.

Getting something thrown to you off the balcony seems like a solid idea until you don't aim right and break your pinky finger, ouch.

21. People will do anything anywhere.

I will leave it at that

22. People will always take your picture for you.

Without a question.

23. There is one girl that will be the only one doing laundry/dishes.

Make sure to tell her thank you because that's very annoying.

24. You will get woken up very often.

Nobody cares what time it is, but when people are ready to start the day...everybody starts the day.

25. People will develop alternate egos.

It just happens sometimes, but they are pretty funny.

26. You will have a good time.

At first, I was like oh my god this is about to be a drama fest. In reality, it really wasn't.

27. The floor will become luggage.

You'll have to crawl, jump, slide over people's stuff because we have to bring our whole closet just in case!

28. You will leave something.

There are at least three things I forgot to pack, it happens.

29. You could make a really funny reality TV show.

If there were security cameras, we could become famous.

30. I would do it again!

Without a doubt, I would definitely go on another trip like that again.