The Spring Break Guide To A Successful Getaway

Spring break- a time where your family and friends get together and enjoy a tropical vacation of some sort to get away from the cold, harsh Winter season consuming your everyday life. It is a time when college kids get exactly one week off from school, and spend their days relaxing by the beach, (or consuming an incredible amount of alcohol on a day to day basis) rather than slowly decaying within the dusty library walls.

But, how do you plan the perfect getaway? Where do you go? More much can you pack? These tips to planning the perfect spring break getaway will absolutely ensure a successful trip you damn-well deserve!

1. Book a destination with warm weather and lots of sunshine!

If you know what its like to experience almost every season, you know that right about now you are absolutely frozen stepping foot outside your door. When you are looking to book a spring break getaway, consider looking at resorts or Airbnb locations in warmer areas such as Florida, or California! (depending on how much you are willing to spend of course). This way, you have something amazing to look forward to when your spring break rolls around and you can get away of the harsh, cold reality that is your life.

2. Pack the essential accessories!

A bathing suit and sunglasses...what more could you possibly need!? If you and your friends plan to fly to your tropical destination, don't forget to pack the essentials so you do not need to worry about spending more money once you get to your getaway to purchase what you left at home! However, I know it is easy to overpack. I am a firm believer of, "I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it". Make sure you don't overpack your luggage to avoid paying extra fees at the airport!

3. Travel with people you know you would have an amazing time with.

What better way to spring break than to go with your absolute best friends!? This is the time of your life to experience new things, so you might as well go with the people you love the most in life! Traveling with your best friends is an amazing experience and would absolutely promise an incredible time!

4. Take an endless amount of pictures!

You already know your Instagram is about to be poppin' off with pictures of you and your besties on vacation! Don't forget to take an endless amount of pictures of you and your girlfriends to look back on and remember all the fun you had on your trip! Trust me, the withdrawal you will experience as soon as you get back to college will hit you so incredibly hard, you are going to want a lot of pictures and videos to look back on.

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