A Few Things Cabo Spring Break Taught Me
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Things that a Cabo Spring Break Taught Me

It was a great time filled with amazing memories and quite a few tips for future Spring Breakers.

Things that a Cabo Spring Break Taught Me
Stefania Tibor

This trip was the token of fun and relaxation I needed to get me through the rest of the semester. To my surprise, it was all of this and more.

1. There will ALWAYS be an opportunity for a fun, memorable purchase...

As I walked along the gorgeous coast of Cabo San Lucas, locals flooded the sands to appeal to tourists. Remember to appreciate and respect these individuals that are bringing unique tokens right to you! From raunchy headbands to carefully crafted jewelry, it seemed every piece of spring break memorabilia was at our disposal at all times. Did I purchase a few of those items? Absolutely.

2. No matter how distracted you are, you should incorporate sunscreen if your skin normally needs it.

It's all fun and games until you turn into the spring breaker with random patterns of flesh and red consequences that are starting to blister. Save yourself from hilarious marks that won't let you sleep and lather up! You're there for a week, the sun will always be there to tan you, don't rush.

3. Drinking water requires strategizing.

It is known that the tap water is not as versatile as many tourists are used to back home. Stay stocked up on water bottles and always ask for water when at a restaurant. Circle K is a great place!

4. There is always something to do. If you miss out on one thing, there is always something fun around the corner.

Missed the boat…literally? Didn't make it to Mango Deck? There is always something fun to do. Walking along the beach and all of the attractive new restaurants leading up is one of the most fun experiences!

5. JustCollege isn't necessary to have a good time.

JustCollege is a great way to pay for all of the planning of a Spring Break trip, followed up by some fun concerts and of course—free stuff. But after being one of 9 people that went the AirBnB adventurous route, I would definitely argue the package isn't the only path towards a great time in Cabo.

6. Having someone that speaks Spanish is CRUCIAL, it's also respectful.

Whether it's a friend that clunked her head and is being taken to the ER, or you have a discrepancy about the bill, having a Spanish speaker is very useful. Beyond logistics, it is important to treat the place you are visiting with the utmost respect. Tourists that visit America often work hard to speak English in order to ease their cultural shock and respect a new area. Keep this in mind when traveling everywhere.

7. The most fun times are in the most unexpected places.

Who would ever go into Squid Roe, the most popular Cabo tourist night club, during the day? We would. After stopping in as an errand on our way to the beach, we stayed for a while, and ended up having one of the most fun experiences of our entire vacation. Vacations stop being vacations when they are over calculated—stop worrying about what you should be doing and do what you want to do!

8. Sometimes the most random group of people can create a bond like no other.

We began our trip as 9 people that knew at least 1 person somehow and left with an incredible bond. In the grand scheme of life, it is evident that a friendship is not defined by quantity of years, but quality of the bond. Never discount a trip based off how well you know the entire group. As long as you're with trustworthy, genuine people, you'll be surprised at the magnitude of the impressions they'll leave on your life. Cherish your trip.

This article was published in 2019 on Odyssey.

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