Spring Break Plans and Playlist to Get You Through This Week
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Spring Break Prep, Plans, and Playlist to Get You Through This Week

Going on Vacation? Read this. Staying home? I've got ideas for you! Doing a service trip? I made a playlist for your ride!

Spring Break Prep, Plans, and Playlist to Get You Through This Week
Kamryn Romano

It's finally time. Midterms are coming to an end and Spring Break is so close I can taste the piña coladas and smell the sunscreen. Whether you're going out of town, staying on campus and working, going home to spend time with family, or dedicating your time to helping others, a change is as good as a rest. So close the books and open your suitcases because I'm going to give you the lowdown on packing essentials if you're jetting off next week. If you're not, keep reading because I'll make sure I have your spring break experience covered.

If you've been deep in the GTL (gym, tan, laundry) routine, you're probably going somewhere warm. Like me, you have a million things to do before you leave, so I'm here to give you a few reminders.


1. Nails!

You don't have to be female to clean up those gnarly toenails before a week with your toes in the sand. Ladies, you don't need to pay a stupid amount to throw on a clear coat or fun color and file those babies down. If you're like me and still want to be a boujee bitch on vacation, you might invest in eyelash extensions and skip the manicure.

2. Plane essentials

If you still have assignments due that you just couldn't get out of the way, bring one of your textbooks on the plane and kill a few hours while catching up! You can't really use your phone anyways, and you'll feel so much better if you have nothing to worry about during your trip. If you are ahead of the game with schoolwork, bring a coloring book or notebook to doodle in if you don't want to bring your laptop - ESPECIALLY if you're leaving the country. Keep it simple!

3. Staying on the grid

We know you'll want to post pictures and stay in touch with the family and friends who aren't with you, so don't forget to notify your phone company if you're leaving the country. Also, don't forget a portable charger and something to cover your phone with if you'll be sending long days in the sun. My advice to you is to take more moments than you spend on your phone, though.

4. Less is best

Shoes are one thing that take up SO much space in a suitcase. Definitely wear your chunkiest pair on the plane, which will probably be tennis shoes. Pack cheap flip-flops for days by the pool and only one or two different shoes for going out. (Ladies, I suggest one pair of sandals and one pair of wedges-skip the heels.)

5. Waste not!

Bring tiny versions of your soaps and toiletries. They take up so much less room and force you to be conservative with your products. Your hotel will likely have a blow-drier and as a girl with naturally crazy, curly hair, don't even bother bringing the straightener or curler. Just throw it in a bun, vacation is about experiences, not getting ready!


Even if you're going home for the week to see friends and family, the possibilities are endless for what you can do! If you're looking for a relaxing week away from the hustle and bustle of college life, I know a few things that can break the mediocrity of your week home.

1. Go to the movies

Round up your high school friends, family members, or siblings and take a night to ball out at the movie theater. I'm talking about popcorn, candy, AND a drink! After all, you're saving money by not taking a trip - you deserve it!

2. Take a class

Check out the yoga studio or workout classes around your hometown and try something new! Places like Pure Barre and Orange Theory are popping up everywhere, so try out a class one day!

3. Go bowling

A classic. Drink a few margaritas with your friends and catch a ride to a bowling alley! It's super cheap and better than sitting around all night.

4. Start the journal or blog you've been thinking about

Use your week off to take on a new project! Buy a cute journal or pull out your camera and start talking or writing about whatever's on your mind! School is busy, so take this opportunity to start something you might otherwise not try!

5. Take a risk

Sneak into the nearest indoor hotel pool and give yourself a taste of spring break (free of cost)! If you can get away with this, mad props to you and your bravery. What's the worst that could happen, right? Banned from the Holiday Inn maybe...


For those of you taking a road trip, an amazing playlist full of good vibes is imperative. If you're taking your spring break to do a service trip and help someone else, let me start off by saying, you're awesome. Blast this in the car or as you get to work changing the world!

2. Superlove by Whethan (feat. Oh Wonder)


3. These Heights by Bassjackers & Lucas & Steve (feat. Caroline Pennell)

These Heights

4. Sweet Talk by ACADEMY (Jb Remix) [feat. Quinn XCII]

Sweet Talk

5. Sour Patch Kids by Bryce Vine

Sour Patch Kids

6. Waves by Kanye West


7. Better Not by Louis The Child & Wafia

Better Not

8. Forever Young by Lil Yachty (feat. Diplo)

Forever Young

9. Another Day in Paradise by Quinn XCII

Another Day in Paradise

10. Drunk Off Your Love by Cisco Adler & Shwayze

Drunk Off Your Love

There are a MILLION more songs that are great to vibe to, especially in the warm weather, but these are my favorites right now that I think will make you happy regardless of your taste in music.

We ALL deserve a hype or relaxing spring break, whatever one you need more. A good mix of both is my personal style, so even if you're staying home I hope you raise your glasses with your parents and siblings to a fun break from stress and mental breakdowns! So get packin' and get crackin' and don't let an entire week go to waste on vacation drama, too much Netflix (if that is such a thing) or stressing about MORE school! Just take it easy! We're now in the home stretch of the second semester!

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