Does Spring Break 'Really' Exist For Seniors?

Does Spring Break 'Really' Exist For Seniors?

The only difference between regular semester and spring break for me is the location I have been doing my school work.


We are on day five or six of spring break (depending on when your last day of physical class was), and I have done some sort of school work every day so far. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the work.. I came home for the break so I might would get bored if I didn't have things I needed to do. But it would be nice not to get stressed out over wanting to sleep in or having a wine night.

I have (within the next four weeks) two research papers, an interview project, two analytical essays, two exams to prepare for and I am NOT for it! I am trying to work on papers and research topics all while catching up on reading or rereading everything and I could not be more stressed out. Oh wait.. my student account was charged an outrageous amount because I missed a deadline for something a month ago and if it doesn't get paid I am skuh-rewed! If stress could boil, I would be vapor.

So while all of you are spending time with your boyfriends/girlfriends, doing a bit of light reading on the beach sipping your 'dranks', or thinking to yourself you deserve a break regardless of how much you shouldn't be putting off, I will just be over here sweating water from my eyeballs.

Any who, while this may seem a bit of pitiful cry for help or rant over my jealousy for your freedom and fun, I do hope you are making the most of your time. If you are in similar shoes as me, welp- we may or may not make it out of this semester alive but we will surely miss out on making memories doing it (totally not passive aggressive all).

If for no other reason to get anything out of this article, peep the picture of my pup at the top!

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11 Spring Break Safety Tips For College Students

Before you plan this year's spring break adventure, consider these tips to making your trip the best (and safest) it can be.


Each year, between 1.5 and 2 million college students in the U.S. go on a vacation during spring break. From Florida to San Diego, Los Cabos to the Bahamas, spring breakers spend a collective total of over $1 billion dollars annually. While many students prepare for their spring break by bargain hunting, picking up extra shifts, planning excursions, and shopping, it's crucial for spring breakers to research the safety hazards a trip can present before booking.

Before embarking on your spring break adventure, be aware of possible threats and pack smart. Consider the following tips to ensure you have the most fun - and safest - spring break possible.

1. Plan what you can


Read travel warnings, check traffic reports, make your playlist, organize who is driving, and plan your route before you hit the road. "Holidays not only mean more traffic congestion," says Tampa personal injury lawyer K.C. Williams III, "they also mean drivers who are unfamiliar with the area can make driving more dangerous. Plan before every trip to limit the risk of injuries and limit distractions behind the wheel."

2. Wear sunscreen and reapply


Drinking in the sun is fun until you get a horrible sunburn or sun poisoning. Chances are you are swimming or sweating, which can increase the need to reapply. Remember to wait 30 minutes after application to go outside, and reapply every two hours. If it helps, consider setting a reminder on your phone.

3. Use the Buddy System


It works! Bring a buddy wherever you go, if possible. If you do have to go somewhere alone, always let someone know where you are, when you'll be back, and how to best contact you.

4. Do your research on the hotel or Airbnb


Does it have good reviews from verified people? Is it in a safe neighborhood? Do they have adequate security? Is Airbnb permitted in that area? Consider reading an Airbnb guide to know what to look for (and avoid) when booking.

5. Practice responsible drinking


Never leave your drink unattended, accept a drink from a stranger, or send yourself home alone. Decide what your limit should be before you go out. Consider taking turns with your friends to be the moderate drinker for the night to best look out for everyone.

6. Make a list of emergency contacts


Compile a hard-copy list of important phone numbers (your parents, your roommates, your significant other, the U.S. Embassy or American Consulate) just in case your phone dies, or worse, gets stolen.

7. Keep personal information to yourself


While spring break may be a time to make new friends, there is some information you should keep to yourself! Never disclose what hotel you are staying at, what your hotel room number is, or how much money you've brought. Refrain from pulling out valuable goods or packing them all together!

8. Forgo the car


In a study published by ScienceDaily, they found "between the last week of February and the first week of April, a significantly greater number of traffic fatalities occurred in spring break hot spots compared to other locations in the same states and at other times of the year." Once you've arrived at your location, opt for ridesharing, taxis, or maybe even a limo, if you can.

9. Make copies


To ensure you keep the vital documents safe and sound, keep the originals in your hotel safe and bring paper copies out. Consider doing so for your license, passport, hotel information, and credit cards.

10. Arm yourself


Bringing a personal alarm, pepper spray, or another safety device may help put your mind at ease in unfamiliar territory and help keep you safe if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Just ensure it follows the law and TSA regulations if you fly!

11. Gear up


A spring break destination may require specific items depending on the climate. If traveling to the snow, ensure you have plenty of warm clothes, nonperishable food, snow chains, and get your car inspected. If traveling towards the equator, bring plenty of water, ample sunscreen, a pair of UV sunglasses, aloe, and a hat. Always check the weather report!

No matter where you go this spring break, using these 11 tips can help provide with the best (and most safe) trip possible. Whether you're breaking it down on the dance floor, resting in your room, or going for a hike, stay safe by knowing what threats can arise on your trip before you book. Oh yeah, and have fun!

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10 Things Every UK Student Understands Post-Spring Break

Spring break, we all miss you. Seriously.


A yearly occurrence, spring break is a week of relaxation, fun, and a time to get away, physically and mentally, from school work, obligations, exams, a never-ending to-do list, and general stress. However, as much fun as the annual break is, the week after when we're all back on campus is a huge reality check. Here are 10 things that every student at the University of Kentucky can relate to post-spring break.

1. It’s nearly impossible to focus on anything


Spring break is a blessing and a curse for this exact reason. During the break, you feel completely free, but after you get back to Lexington, your ability to focus is gone, still thinking about days when the only thing you needed to remember was if you put sunscreen on or not.

2. If you were in a warmer place over break, the chillier weather of Lexington is miserable

Coming back on campus, while it may be 50 degrees, is far from the 80 your body is used to. Layers and constant shivering is the result.

3. Waking up for 8 AMs got even worse, if that is even possible


No, it wasn't easy to wake up at the crack of dawn and then walk halfway across campus nearly every weekday BEFORE spring break. Now? That's a joke.

4. If you were at the beach, you are peeling EVERYWHERE from the sunburns you got on your first day


Peeling off bits of dead skin in public is a really fun time!

5. You are wide awake at 2 AM for no reason other than for the fact that you are used to being up all night over break

phone in bed

Setting alarms isn't really a thing when you're waking up at the beach every day, in a comfy bed somewhere, or in your own home. We did NOT miss, you Apple ringtone.

6. A 50 minute class that used to fly by (as of 2 weeks ago) feels like an eternity 

lecture hall

And classes over an hour? Forget about it.

7. Being back on an actual schedule

uky campus

On spring break, whether you're at home or on vacation, you usually plan your own days and have little to no academic obligations. Coming back to Lexington the week after the break is a slap in the face. It's like we all forgot that we usually have way more work than we know what to do with, and those Canvas notifications are fully bringing us back to reality.

8. Nope, we didn’t miss walking up the stairs to the third floor of Whitehall Classroom Building one bit

whitehall building

Even if you worked out over spring break, those stairs get you. Every. Single. Time.

9. Going from restaurant food, seafood, or whatever you have in your fridge and pantry at home to having to go buy groceries and eat at the 90 or champs

the 90 caffeteria

Definitely a rough adjustment, no doubt.

10.  Having to get ready for class

snow boarding

Whether you spent your spring break in sweatpants, a swimsuit, or ski gear, having to get dressed for class every day once you are back isn't the most fun thing in the world.

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