If You're Looking To Get A Spray Tan Or Self-Tan During the Fall, Here's What You Need To Know

If You're Looking To Get A Spray Tan Or Self-Tan During the Fall, Here's What You Need To Know

A few things that you should keep in mind if you want to keep your summer tan during the fall.

With Labor Day ending, fall is starting very soon, which for some people means they will be losing whatever tan that they had gotten over the summer. If you're like me and get pale easily, then during the fall and winter, you somehow become even paler the minute summer is over. This is the reason why a lot of people are opting for getting either a spray tan or invest in self-tanner. However, if you're thinking of getting a spray tan, there are a few things you should keep in mind before investing in one.

For one thing, you have to keep up with your spray tan. You have to get one almost every week, which is why it's best to invest in a monthly membership. It's actually cheaper to get a membership if you're planning on sticking with getting a spray tan rather than buying one individual tanning session And this is because if you get a membership, you can go as many times as you want, whereas if you buy them individually, the cost can start piling up.

What a lot of people also don't realize is that when you get a spray tan or a self-tanner, it can still be easy to lose the tan. If you go swimming, which during the fall shouldn't be as much of a problem, then your tan will begin to fade. They also don't last very long: a spray tan can last up to five days if it's light, and the tan on your face normally will only last the first 3-4 days. It's one reason why a lot of people often don't like spray tans since they really don't last as long as getting one naturally.

However, there are ways to keep a tan from fading. For one thing, if you get a darker color it can last up to 10 days rather than five. In addition, if you make sure to moisturize every time you get out of the shower or go swimming, then it will help keep it from fading. You can also buy skincare products that are made to keep your tan from fading that you can put on either before or after you tan.

One big thing that people often complain about with a spray tan is that it sometimes feels like it can get expensive, especially if you decide to invest in skincare products at the tanning salon. However, you don't need to buy skincare products if you don't want to. You can buy a few at the store that are cheaper and will help keep your skin moisturized or may help you with keeping your tan from fading.

In addition, some people often complain about how both self-tans and spray tans can dry your skin out, which from my own experience is true. However, if you continually moisturize before and after showering, then you shouldn't have this problem.

Also, another thing that people complain about with spray tans is that they will find their skin peeling afterward. If you exfoliate your skin before getting a spray tan, then this will prevent your skin from peeling. I actually had this happen to me once when I had gotten one, but I noticed after I switched to exfoliating before I would get one, I would never have this problem again. Just make sure you don't exfoliate after getting one or anytime you have one since it will take the tan off of your skin.

If you are getting a spray tan or using self-tanning solutions, it won't turn out well if you don't know how to correctly get one. For example, when you use any self-tanning products, if you don't apply it correctly then it will likely not turn out well. This goes the same for getting a spray tan. If you don't follow the instructions you are given or don't take care of it afterward, you will likely not get the best result. I would also get advice about whether you should have a light or dark tan since you will want it to look natural and getting one that's too dark for your skin color will make you look more orange.

So if you decide to invest in either a spray tan or self-tanning products during the fall, know that having a self-tan or getting a spray tan really isn't that bad during the fall. They're actually great for keeping yourself from looking pale during the fall and winter, especially if you have fair skin. As long as you keep up with making sure you are using a self-tanner or getting a spray tan, then you can enjoy having a nice tan all through both the fall and winter!

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