The Best Spotify Playlists For Studying For College

You clicked on this article because, for the most part, you prefer to study by yourself. Working in teams isn't as productive for you and can even get pretty distracting. When you have to study in teams, you tend to walk away feeling happy but also as if you could've done so much more on your own.

So, for all those times when you're studying alone but need a pick-me-up, something to help you focus, or simply to change things up from the usual, here are some Spotify playlists so you can get focused and pumped as soon as you need to.

1. Chill tracks

Some low-key tracks that won't bore you if you're not in the mood of instrumental, but also won't make you lose your concentration.

2. Stress relief

If you're feeling particularly stressed and your mind is racing, here's a playlist that will calm you down with its pretty melodies and soothing voices.

3. A perfect day

When you're feeling upbeat and want something a little peppier while you do your homework, this playlist has it! Go ahead, dance in your chair when you finish writing a fantastic paragraph.

4. Ultimate indie

This one is your go-to for catchy, ambient music to nod your head along to when you're in that study groove.

5. Chill piano

For when you need something that's just instrumental, this is a great option. It'll quiet you down if you had a running-around-everywhere kind of day and get you settled for whatever you need to do next.

6. Quiet hours

A soothing, nature-inspired playlist to add some life into those Sunday work days as you're prepping for the week ahead of you. Remember to stay confident and realistic about your capabilities so you feel energized instead of downtrodden.

7. Just focus

These are the quiet, almost-a-whisper songs that you don't get distracted by. They help you tune into whatever you're doing and drown out everything else.

8. Chill hits

When you're feeling like listening to something you can sing or hum along to, this one includes a lot of popular songs. It has all the easy hits of today from Khalid, Lauv, Why Don't We, and more.

9. Infinite acoustic

If you're feelin' a little blue and need some country, this is it. Really, it's the only playlist you need.

10. Relax and unwind

Feel optimistic and concentrated with this slightly more upbeat playlist that will give you just the right amount of motivation to keep going and try your best.

11. The most beautiful songs in the world

Some very melodious tracks with ethereal voices for any time you feel like you need some peace and beauty in your world.

Hopefully, these playlists help you to keep going when it gets rough and to just relax and breathe when you've had a lot to do. Give yourself that TLC and rest up, too.

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