Why Spotify Is The Best Streaming Service

In the age of streaming and sharing music being a popular form of connecting people, the everlasting debate falls between Spotify and Apple Music. Personally, I've always been a fan of Spotify because it has a better layout, creates playlists based on what I listen to most, and having a premium membership is a great investment.

So, I was curious what other people thought.

A lot of my friendships I've made so far in college have been over music. We all have a collaborative playlist where we share music with one another on Spotify. There are playlists for almost any occasion right at my fingertips -- cleaning my room, 2000's throwbacks, new music playlists every Friday, and more. However, I also know people who live and breathe Apple Music. Sometimes artists themselves prefer Apple's music streaming to Spotify, and release new songs there before anywhere else. To get some accurate numbers for this article, I did some experimenting. I put a poll on my Instagram story to see which music streaming service is more popular.

The Results

My Instagram poll received 217 votes in 24 hours. So, as you can see, while the Instagram poll received 771 views, only 217 of those people voted. With the Instagram poll, 52% of people voted for Spotify over Apple Music, which is a lot less than I figured. But, this shows a small glimpse of how Spotify takes precedence over Apple Music.

So, while the majority of people that voted on this poll preferred Spotify, there is still a decent number of people siding with Apple Music. Maybe it's simply because Spotify offers a package discount to students for premium membership and a Hulu subscription for a low price. This debate may never be settled between millennials, but my heart will always lie with Spotify. (Wow, that rhymed!)

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