Spooky Season Soundtrack: Five Non-Traditional Halloween Tracks to Get You In the Spirit
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Spooky Season Soundtrack: Five Non-Traditional Halloween Tracks to Get You In the Spirit

By Madison Palmieri

Spooky Season Soundtrack: Five Non-Traditional Halloween Tracks to Get You In the Spirit

While "Monster Mash" and "Thriller" will forever remain Halloween classics, here are five ideas for those looking to add non-traditional Halloween tunes to their Spooky Season playlists:

1. "Every Breath You Take" by The Police (1983)

Sneakily disguised as a love song and popularized by its inclusion in shows like Friends, Sting, who wrote the tune, once remarked that "the song is very, very sinister" (https://americansongwriter.com/the-real-story-behind-every-breath-you-take-by-sting/). With lyrics like "you belong to me" and the repetition of the word "every" to characterize the speaker's consistent attention to their beloved, coupled with haunting vocals and simplistic, stripped-back instrumentals, the song tells the story not of loving devotion, but rather disturbing obsession.

2. "Haunted by Taylor Swift (2010)

Lyrically, this tune tells the story of a woman frustrated with her partner for leaving her with unfinished business, much like a ghost. Majestic, yet eerie violins carry the track as Swift conveys the woman's mourning for the apparent death of her relationship. Lines such as "it's getting dark and it's all too quiet," "something's made your eyes go cold," and "can't turn back, now I'm haunted" perfectly capture the ghostly aftermath of such a falling out.

3. "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men (2011)

Disguised with upbeat chanting and accompaniment, this duet conveys a woman's fears about who she's becoming and her partner's attempt to comfort her. Hushed, whispered vocals contribute to an eerie atmosphere as lyrics like "the stairs creep as I sleep," "your mind is playing tricks on you my dear," and "the screams all sound the same" create a sense of darkness and despair.

4. "Laura Palmer" by Bastille (2013)

Twin Peaks fans will recognize this track's title as the name of the high school beauty queen whose murder, and the mystery surrounding it, the show centers around. With rhythms that pulse like heartbeats and hushed, furtive vocals, the song places listeners in those mysterious Oregon woods where Laura Palmer met her demise. Especially spooky lyrics include "you ran into the night, you can't be found" and "what terrifying final sights/put out your beating heart."

5. "Ghost Story" by Coldplay (2014)

A largely unknown deluxe single on the band's 2014 album "Ghost Stories," the song itself is like a ghost not only in its phantom-like appearance on the album, but also in its stripped-back instrumentals, frontman Chris Martin's mournful voice, and the track's abrupt ending. The use of ghostliness as a metaphor for lost love is nothing new, but the song's take on it is certainly noteworthy, with lyrics such as "every time I try to walk through walls/more walls appear" and maybe I'm a ghost/just a whisper in a path of smoke/a secret that nobody knows/no one will ever hear." Especially haunting is Martin's falsetto on the word "disappear," contributing to a melancholy atmosphere whose chill-inducing power might be the scariest thing about the tune.

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