Spooktacular Costume Ideas for Plus Size Ghoulfriends

Spooktacular Costume Ideas for Plus Size Ghoulfriends

Check out these boo-tiful plus size costume ideas and shops!

When I was younger, I dreaded Halloween - not because I was scared or had a special talent for eating so much candy I made myself sick (of course not...) but because I could never find a costume that properly fit me. Going to your run of the mill Halloween stores didn't work for me when I was 8-12 because the costumes I fit into were the women's costumes, which were far too sexy for a kid, and even as a teen as I got older.

I soon learned how to put my own costumes together, but now that I am an adult and can dress however the heck I want, I have scoured the internet for great websites and stores that offer true to plus-sized Halloween costumes and compiled a nice little list for my plus size gals. Some of these will be a bit pricey, but many of these shops are always offering coupons.

Still, if you can't afford to drop $30+ on a costume, I will include cheaper alternatives and give you some tips on how to make a great DIY costume!

1. Hot Topic

I know, Hot Topic on its own can be a bit daunting - but they actually have a great plus size selection, especially for costumes. They offer pieces like leggings, dresses, and sweaters that can be worn as a costume but can also be used year round, so dropping the cash on these pieces won't hurt so much.

Their dresses are especially lovely because, if they are your style, can be worn and dressed up or down depending on your tastes. A killer makeup job can completely make your costume, so I suggest checking their website to see if anything catches your eye! Their sizing is what I like to call true to plus size, and if you read my plus size shopping guide then you know that true to plus sizing runs a bit larger than junior plus sizing (like Forever 21) so I suggest sizing down in the size you might usually wear in junior plus.

For example, if you wear a size 3X in Forever 21, try a 2X in a Hot Topic dress, or take your measurements and use their size guide if you want to ensure a perfect fit. I have pictured below their Black Lace Keyhole dress, priced at $37, and is perfect for everyday use and for being the perfect dress to complete a number of costume ideas: vampire, witch, you name it! I also pictured their Mermaid Leggings, priced at $26, also perfect for a cute, comfy outfit or PJ and for a warm mermaid costume, in case its chilly on Halloween where you are from.

2. Torrid

Much like Hot Topic, Torrid offers true to plus size costumes, but are much more versatile in styles in case you are looking for a fun, less edgy costume idea. Torrid can be quite expensive, notoriously so for plus size shoppers, but they do offer a number of coupons and promotions to help you save.

If you are looking for a costume that will stand the test of time and fit you great, give Torrid a chance, especially if you are wanting to go all out. Below I have pictured their Leopard Hooded Sweatshirt costume, priced at $50, and their Harley Quinn dress, priced at $58.

These two are easy to dress up or down pieces and can be paired with accessories and makeup to sell a great costume.

3. Yandy.com

If you really, really want to go all out and are looking for a hot costume, Yandy is going to be your go-to place. They have pages and pages of super cute, sexy, and modest Halloween costumes that you are unlike to find matched in quality and detail anywhere else. The intricate costumes come with a price tag similar to Torrid's, but you get more bang for your buck with Yandy.

It was hard to pick out just two pictures, so I highly suggest putting time aside to look through their countless costumes, even if you can't drop the cash for them: you might get ideas for DIY costumes just from looking, so check it out! Below I have pictured their Happily Ever After Costume ($64.99 for everything but the gloves and shoes) and their Ms. Bones Skeleton Costume ($61.95 for everything but the hat)

4. Charlotte Russe

The plus size section of Charlotte Russe features plus size party dresses that can be versatile for every day use and be used as the basis for some great costumes.

Their Halloween Shop doesn't specifically have plus size costumes but does have fairly cheap items to dress up your costume dress or a dress you already own, in case you can only afford pieces under $20. Below I have pictured a Lace Bunny Ear Headband, priced at $6.39, and a Velvet Mock Neck Cut Out Bodycon Dress, priced currently at $18.39.

And there you have it! For DIY, I suggest checking out Pinterest for some cute ideas -- you can make a plain dress into a cute costume by adding felt letters or bedazzling.

You can also utilize craft stores and use flowers, patterns, patches, and the like to create headbands, skirts, belts, and hats to dress up a simple outfit. Also, utilize makeup tutorials on youtube - my favorite channel is MadeYewLook.

She is an amazing makeup artist that creates the most popular themed Halloween makeups for the entire month of October: for example, she did a Pennywise makeup that is awesome. If makeup is more your forte, check her out, and all the other simpler themed videos that Youtube has to offer.

Cover Image Credit: SheMightBeLoved

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Studying The Coupon Website Market and The Storyline of DealsShutter

Studying The Coupon Website Market and The Storyline of DealsShutter

In this article, we will be talking about a company called DealsShutter which provides  deals, coupons and exclusive sales notification to its members from all over India.

With a rapidly increasing internet user base in India has led to increase in awareness of the varieties available in terms of products and services, ways of doing things, tips and tricks to save time and money, and much more.

India has opened up to ths future of the way of doing business. About 25% of the retail shops in India have gone online and there are hundreds of e-commerce business functioning as mediator for products and services provided by a wholesaler.

Opening up of e-commerce businesses and the competition led to variety in options available for the customers and also different type of offers available on categories and types of products.

It is humanly next to impossible to check hundreds of websites for offers on products and also takes a lot of time. This opportunity led to another in the space of coupon and deals business.

According to report on a daily, coupons business account of 13.5% of e-commerce business as of 2017 in India, and also saw a growth of 63% approx interns of unique visitors on coupon sites.

In 2017, approx 9 out of  every 10th internet user in India used/accessed coupons website to search for the deals and coupon codes.

Generally,  a deal/coupon website such as DealsShutter provides a code and redirects the audience to the product page of the site and then by using the coupon code (which is accessed via Bar-code by Deal shutter and also has an expiration date) one gets cashback in DealsShutter wallet which can be further used to buy other products on different sites. One can also club all the deals and cashback to buy a product.

The discount or cashback range generally go from 5% to 20% or even more depending on the site /brand. With an increase in percentage of businesses going online, coupons website such as Deal Shutter has also started to offer coupons and cashback deals on hyper local retailers and small shop retailers who have their website online. This move has helped coupons website to attract different class in the society, and this has helped the modeling of coupons website to go towards economies of scale which would in turn increase in the amount of profits with increase in customer base.

Restaurants are another target market for the deals and coupon wevsute, where a company ties up with a chain of restaurant on Pan India basis and offers offline cashback and deals on tied up restaurants. This has also helped many coupon websites to serve Tier1 cities and see an increase in audience and customer base across India.

With increasing sizes of existing e-commerce business and also an increase in numbed of e-commerce business, the coupon market has parallel grown as the varieties of coupons/deals increase and let their customer be retained or come back again to search for deals.

The coupon market is valued around 3billion$ in India and has seen a parallel growth of 52% as per a report on a Daily.

With the amount of competition amongst coupon websites and increase in e-commerce businesses, it has to only benefit the customers to choose and make a wise decision.

At the end of this all, we can say that there is a win-win situation. 

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10 Severely Unappreciated Disney Characters That Are Actually Magical

They'll always be in my heart

Elsa. Ariel. Baymax. Dory. All of these characters, and so many more, are recognizable just by their name, even if you have never watched their movie. Disney’s popular characters have redeeming qualities, and it is obvious why people love them. However, being an avid Disney fan who is fluent in a large scope of their films, I often think of lesser-known characters, especially from movies that are older or didn’t do well, and wish that they were better known in pop culture. Here, I present, in no particular order, some of Disney’s unacknowledged characters that are actually wonderful.

1. Timothy Q. Mouse from "Dumbo"

Though "Dumbo" turned quite a profit in 1941 and was critically-acclaimed, it is mostly swept under the rug and forgotten about today. Though it is not one of my personal favorites, I watched it again recently and was struck by Timothy, a mouse who befriends Dumbo after Dumbo’s mother is locked away.

Unlike essentially every other character (excluding Dumbo’s mom of course), he is the only other person who doesn’t immediately cast Dumbo aside as an eccentric freak. When everyone abandons Dumbo for being odd, Timothy becomes a loyal friend who encourages Dumbo to not be ashamed of his large ears and use them for something good.

Timothy is completely selfless and devotes all his time and energy to making Dumbo a success, taking no credit himself. The idea that elephants are typically afraid of mice makes this connection even more interesting. Timothy Q. Mouse teaches us lessons in loyalty, friendship, and helping others.

2. Pongo from "101 Dalmatians"

This 1961 film was also successful at the box office and even got a 1996 reboot. Though I prefer cats (sorry dog-lovers), I have always loved this movie. Pongo is the main character in the film and is incredibly brave and protective over his loved ones. We first see Pongo orchestrate one of the most adorable meet-cutes in Disney film, winning over viewers from the beginning. Pongo adores his mate, Perdita, and vows to protect her from the evil Cruella De Vil. After their puppies are dognapped, Pongo ventures out to find them and risks his life saving not only his own puppies but the others Cruella dognapped as well. Had he not brought the other puppies with him, they surely would have been skinned.

3. Bagheera from "The Jungle Book"

The 1967 animated version was a financial success for Disney and revamped in 2016. Bagheera (which means “tiger” in Hindi) is a black panther who finds Mowgli in the jungle and gives him to a mother wolf to raise. Though he does not take an active role in raising him, Bagheera keeps an eye on Mowgli as he grows up.

Eventually, he realizes that Mowgli will do best and be safest if he returns to the “man village” and is surrounded by other humans. Though Mowgli resists and hates Bagheera for this decision, Bagheera is adamant and knows what is best for Mowgli. At the end of the film, Mowgli realizes that Bagheera is right and willingly goes to the man village. Though Bagheera is serious and critical of Baloo’s carefree lifestyle, he teaches viewers lessons of determination, loyalty and selflessness.

4. Figaro from "Pinocchio"

Though Disney’s 1940 film can get kind of creepy, I still enjoyed it as a kid. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a cat person, so I always thought that Geppetto’s cat Figaro was adorable. Admittedly, Figaro doesn’t really do anything in the film — he’s just a kitten doing his kitten thing — yet he has quite the personality. Figaro even starred in some Disney cartoons and was one of Walt’s favorite characters. The only lessons we really learn from Figaro are to be as cute as possible and make your goodnight kisses brief.

5. Tadashi from "Big Hero 6"

Obviously, the star of this 2014 film is the personal healthcare companion Baymax, but there are other redeeming characters as well. Tadashi, the older brother of protagonist Hiro, is only in the film briefly yet leaves a legacy for viewers to admire and Hiro to look up to. When Hiro participates in illegal robot fighting, Tadashi recognizes his skill and encourages Hiro to apply to his school, the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

When Hiro is frustrated with himself for not coming up with any innovative ideas for the science fair, Tadashi encourages him to keep trying and believes in his talents. Hiro, as well as the audience, can admire Tadashi for never giving up, being brave, and helping others. Also, without Tadashi, there would be no Baymax, which would just be sad.

6. Big Mama from "The Fox & The Hound"

Like so many other Disney films, this 1981 movie is largely forgotten today. Big Mama is an owl who, like her name, is protective and watchful over Tod. She found Tod after his mother was killed and arranges for him to live with Widow Tweed. Without her care, Tod would have surely died on his own. Like Bagheera does for Mowgli, she keeps a close eye on Tod as he is raised. When Tod befriends a hound dog, Copper, she opens Tod’s eyes to the reality that they are natural enemies and will end up hurting each other in the end, and she turns out to be right.

After Widow Tweed sends Tod back to the forest, Big Mama still watches out for him and sets him up with a female fox. Owls are depicted as being wise and all-knowing, and Big Mama is no exception, using her skills to educate Tod so he won’t get eliminated.

7. Marie from "The Aristocats"

Marie is the fierce female kitten in this 1970 box office hit. Of the three kittens, she certainly has the most personality. She adores Thomas O’Malley, and when she falls in the river and is rescued by him, it gives Duchess another reason to consider taking him home to Madame Adelaide. Though she is the only girl, she keeps up with her brothers and is the queen of sass.

8. Mushu from "Mulan"

This 1998 movie is praised for its portrayal of a powerful female, but often overlooked is Mulan’s dragon companion Mushu. After accidentally breaking the Stone Dragon, Mushu vows to protect Mulan himself and accompanies her to the battlefield. Though misguided, Mushu tries his best to help Mulan pretend to be a man and help her navigate the problems that arise in training. After helping Mulan defeat Shan Yu at the palace, the ancestors make Mushu the Fa family guardian. Both helpful and feisty, Mushu is an endearing, loyal friend who shows that hard work does pay off.

9. Mrs. Potts from "Beauty and the Beast"

In this 1991 tale that is as old as time, we often focus on Belle, the Beast, and Gaston as the most interesting characters, but what about the servants? Of these, most notable is Mrs. Potts, who is (unsurprisingly) a teapot, who acts as a motherly figure to Belle. Always willing to put on some tea, Mrs. Potts never loses faith that the Beast will find a companion in Belle. She also rocks her part in “Something There” as well as provides the title song itself, “Beauty and the Beast,” which is perhaps more iconic than the movie.

10. Jaq and Gus from "Cinderella"

In this emblematic 1950 princess movie, Cinderella gets a lot of help from her rodent friends in making her dreams come true, especially Jaq and Gus. These two loyal mice do a lot for Cinderella, from finding materials for her dress, avoiding Lucifer, transforming into horses for her carriage, and — most importantly — bringing the key up to her door so she can get out of her room and try the glass slipper on. Without Jaq and Gus, Cinderella would have likely been a maid forever and never would have been with Prince Charming. Though mice are disgusting creatures, I’ll admit that Cinderella’s mice are essential to the film.

Cover Image Credit: Walt Disney

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