*Hates Wearing Makeup* Also Me: *Drops Paycheck At Ulta*

Me: *Hates Wearing Makeup* Also Me: *Drops Entire Paycheck At Ulta*

The struggle of wanting to look good but being too lazy to try.

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It's my number one friend but also my number one enemy. Many of us girls (and boys, no judgment) rely on makeup to cover up our "imperfections," at least things that we consider to be imperfect. Maybe our eyebrows are nonexistent, our nose to too big, or our face is riddled with acne. So many people use makeup, whether it's a light, natural look or an intense, smoky eye. That's probably one of the best things about makeup, people are free to use it however they want to. They can mix and match products or try something completely new - the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, the options are also endless. There are probably a thousand different variations on one product, such as 50 shades of lipstick or 50 shades of foundation. Everyone knows what works for them and everyone is willing to experiment and try new things.

I am definitely not one of those people. I hate trying new makeup. It's such a hassle and if you don't like something, you just wasted a crapload of money. Makeup is not cheap, my friends, as I'm sure you are already aware (unless it's drugstore makeup). I'm that one person who sits there in the store for an hour googling every single product to compare prices, value, and coverage. You don't have to hate me, I can do it myself. I sit there and resent myself for not doing my research beforehand and more often than not, I psych myself out and leave the store without any purchases.

I am also a very lazy person. I dream of doing the perfect smoky eye or a bold, red lip. Better yet, I dream of perfecting the most flawless, natural look. Emphasis on dream. I think about it, dream about it, and lie to myself. In reality, I hate putting on makeup more than anything. I hate having to wet my beauty sponge, I hate mixing my foundations, I hate doing eyeshadow, and I hate applying mascara. The list goes on and on, trust me. I hate getting foundation all over my hands and no matter how hard I scrub, I can't get it off. While I love acquiring eyeshadow palettes, I hate putting it on and taking the time and effort to blend and blend and blend, and then blend some more. It's the stress of making sure both lids look the same, one's not darker than the other or that one doesn't extend to far out. Ugh, it's a nightmare.

And more than anything else in the long process of beating one's face, I hate wearing makeup. I hate the feel of it on my face. I hate that I can't rub my eyes or my mascara will rub or and leave little specks everywhere. I hate that if I touch my face my foundation and powder comes off onto my hands. I hate that my shirts get foundation on them because I blend down to my neck to ensure that they're the same color (we don't want a white neck and an orange face ladies and gentleman). I hate that I get the foundation in my ears from blending them in (once again, we don't want white ears and an orange face). I hate that I have to be careful when I eat or drink so that my lipstick doesn't rub off. It's just too much. I become so self-conscious of my face that I don't want to do anything, I want my made-up face to stay exactly the way it is.

To add to my further displeasure, don't even get me started on the process of taking makeup off. Makeup is such a bitch to remove. You want to guarantee that you that you get every single trace off, from the foundation on your neck and in your ears to the waterproof mascara. It's so tedious and time-consuming, especially when you get home from the club at 2 a.m. You can't just use facewash and call it a night. That doesn't remove everything and you're sure to wake up with some pimples from those nasty, clogged pores. I go through a whole routine where I was my face twice with my face wash (not recommended but hey, I want a clean face), I use exfoliating gloves to open up my clean pores, and then I wipe my face off with micellar water. If I'm feeling extra special, I might even go as far as to use a toner (this doesn't happen often because like I said, I'm lazy).

Despite how much I hate putting on makeup, wearing makeup and even taking off makeup, that doesn't stop me from splurging. A lot. In all honesty, it's the sales from Ulta that get me. Oh, two Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow products for $21? Who cares if I already have four, it's such a steal! Oh, Tarte dropped a new foundation? Well, I love Tarte, I have to get it! Trust me, I am a sucker for makeup and I am an even bigger sucker for deals. All my friends eventually have to talk me out of buying products because the truth of the matter is, I don't wear makeup. But hey, a girl can dream.

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