A quick heads up. I. hate. spiders.

No matter how big or how small. spiders are disgusting. This is the only "every shape is perfect" movement that I don't support. Even those daddy long legs scare the hell out of me. Those long, spindly legs give me the frights. Also, have you heard of that animated, small ass spider that everybody finds adorable? Hate that bitch with a passion.

I just can't handle them. Even looking at gifs of spider is making my stomach churn. The only thing keeping me through this heist is the soundtrack of Love, Simon. I am going to go watch it tonight, and I am so excited. However... spiders. Hate them.

I remember one time on this after-school program back to senior year. My high school was infested with spiders. It was terrible. However, I had to take an extra class after my regular schedule so I could graduate. I would sit next to this outlet so I could charge my phone because I needed it to listen to music and get through two more hours of school.

As I pulled my charger and turned around to plug it, I see a daddy long legs. As the little bitch I am, I jumped into my chair and went into a catatonic state. My girlfriend at the time, who sat next to me, started laughing at me. And I have no freaking idea how she just grabbed the spider with her hands and took it outside the room. I was still freaked out afterward.

My hate for spiders isn't an exaggeration. I don't know how, but I am terribly traumatized. One time, I found a spider in my dorm room. I tried killing it, but I lost it. I started crying in my room. I was alone, with nobody to help me. I thought I was going to die.

But then, by grace and mercy of our savior Jesus Christ, I found it and killed that bitch. A found another one a couple days later, and that bitch also died. I am Ron when he found out those big ass spiders in that forest. Yes, I am somewhat of a Muggle who has only read two and a half book of the Harry Potter series.

If I ever found a spider in my house, I would set it on fire. That's how deep my hatred for those small creatures with a shitload of hair and eight legs runs. I feel like I just described myself right there, only that I have two legs instead...