Halloween is an exciting time, but before we know it we'll be going home for a day of food, football, and family, my personal favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. You can use these ten creative ideas to spice up your Thanksgiving this year.

1. Bake pumpkin muffins

One of my favorite Thanksgiving snacks, these have always been a staple in my house. They're a great way to repurpose your pumpkin pie mix.

2. Make turkey-shaped place cards

Something I've done almost every year since I was little, these are a fun and easy craft that will keep your table looking extra festive. Cut out a construction paper turkey, writing each name on the belly and adding different colored feathers behind. You can have everyone write something they're thankful for on each feather behind their name when they're seated at the table.

3. Make homemade cranberry sauce

A Thanksgiving essential, you can opt for an easy recipe that uses fresh cranberries or even frozen ones instead of serving it straight from the can.

4. And homemade stuffing

Another one that is so much better made from scratch than out of the box, stuffing is super easy to throw together and there are endless simple recipes and combinations.

5. Craft woven placemats

This is another simple craft that is easy for kids and will deck out your table. All you need are scissors and some fall colored construction paper.

6. Change up the traditional apple pie

Along with pumpkin pie, apple pie is a timeless classic. Try switching it up this year with an apple crisp or apple turnover cake.

7. Make a spiced orange centerpiece

Another great seasonal craft, spiced orange pomander balls are easy to make, smell amazing, and make a great centerpiece for your table. All you need are firm fresh citrus fruit, a toothpick, and cloves, and you can make designs while sticking the cloves in the peel. Don't forget to stick them in the fridge overnight to preserve their usage.

8. Literally, spice up your turkey

Every family has a different way of preparing their turkey, but to make sure you have that flare of someone who's been doing it for years, you can mix it up with your seasoning. One combination is to make a compound butter, which includes softened butter mixed with seasoning and flavor like fresh citrus zest, thyme, and oregano.

9. Play card and board games

In my house watching football is an all-day occurrence on normal Sundays and especially on Thanksgiving. Whether or not you're a football family, nothing brings everyone together like a little competition. You can follow dinner up with family activities like playing cards or board games.

10. Not only saying what other's have done for you, but what you've done for others

It's important to share what you're thankful for, acknowledging the good fortune you've had in your life. Thanksgiving is a time to be around the people have touched our lives. This year, try to reflect on what you've done to give back to others, instead of just being grateful for what you have and what you've experienced.