What's worse than a broken heart? When an iconic, fashion-forward girl group breaks up. Yes, it's been almost 20 years since the Spice Girls broke up. But good news, a reunion is coming! Rumors had been spreading about a supposed reunion after Victoria Beckham posted pictures on her Instagram of the fabulous five back together. Some people even though that may be a sequel to "Spice World" was in the works. We got something even better.

A Spice Girl wardrobe reunion.

Opening in London on July 28th is the SpiceUp exhibition paying tribute to all the iconic outfits Spice Girls brought to the stage. Filled with items such as their platform go-go boots and Mel B's loud leopard prints, this exhibition screams 90's fashion and another element that is oh so important in this day and age: girl power.

A revival of such a strong girl group has come at the perfect time. With the body positivity and the #MeToo movements in their prime in 2018, this blast from the past shows that girl power never goes out of style.

The uniqueness in every Spice Girl made it possible to switch up your style and be whoever you wanted to be.

You could be fearless and passionate like Ginger, who was known to constantly rock British flags and patriotic get-ups. You could also choose to rock athleisurewear, which we all know is super popular these days, and we can thank Sporty Spice for that. If you're feeling sleek and sexy, you could pull a Posh and dress to kill the fashion game. Still feeling hungry? You could go wild and channel your inner Mel B Scary. And finally, if you're feeling cutesie and girly, give your Baby side some love and let her shine.

No matter which Spice-y personality you are, there's a look for everyone. I found out that I'm definitely a Posh Spice personality (shocking) from taking a personality questionnaire on BuzzFeed.

This display of everything Spice Girl will also include dolls, magazine covers, and other memorabilia to pay tribute to the pop star legends. The exhibition has even teamed up with other collectors and Spice Girl fans to make SpiceUp the largest music exhibition in the world.

To see previews of the items that will be on display from July 28th – August 20th, go to Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, or the official SpiceUp website.