I am a firm believer in supporting artists through concerts and experiencing live music. Anybody who has attended a concert can attest to the fact that it is something you have to experience for yourself.

I have been to a few concerts in my life, and I want to constantly have one to look forward to. Even though I'm not musically gifted, I eagerly wait to see my favorite artists perform live.

Music is so powerful because it plays a role in the lives of those gifted in it, as well as, those who are skilled in something else. That's one of the best things about music; everybody can enjoy and appreciate it. I'm not particularly talented in the music department, but it is a huge part of my life.

Listening to my favorite songs and playlists through my headphones feels incredible and is good for an instant mood boost. Concerts, or live music, takes this feeling to a whole new level. If you've attended a concert, you know all the different feelings that come with it.

It starts with the build-up of excitement after buying tickets and then turns to patiently waiting for the day to arrive. Once the day finally comes and you're exposed to the artist in person, you are overwhelmed. I know for me, seeing my favorite musicians on stage is a surreal moment. With a lot of the concerts I go to, I never knew if I would ever have the opportunity to see them, so I'm always amazed.3zs

Concerts are experiences that are personalized to every individual, which is why it is difficult to attach a specific feeling to them. Some people are emotional and cry out of happiness. A specific song could have a deeper meaning for them or be associated with a sentimental time in their life.

Other people are screaming out of excitement and passion. All this energy and love was bottled up inside of them, and now they can finally release it. There are also people who are calm and just enjoy being in the presence of live music. Maybe you fit into one of these descriptions or are a combination of all of them, but they all evoke different emotions for individuals.

If you have the opportunity to attend a concert or multiple concerts, I highly recommend you do so and don't view them as a waste of money. Throughout my first year of college, planning and going to concerts were two things that consistently kept me motivated.

Music is a powerful outlet in the world and connects people from all backgrounds. Despite the fact that they are typically crowded and full of people, each person goes through something different. Music can have varying meanings, which is why live music evokes many emotions.

Please don't view concerts and live music events as wastes of money because, even though they may be expensive, they act as sources of motivation, have significant meanings to individuals, and bring people closer together.