You Are Spelling It Wrong
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You Are Spelling It Wrong

Why not take the time to develop good spelling habits.

You Are Spelling It Wrong

When was the last time you thought about spelling a word correctly? In today’s society, it seems that people no longer care about spelling words the right way. It is as if spelling correctly no longer matters. Having this mindset may be the easier way out, but is it really worth looking foolish? In a growing technological world, the use of proper spelling has declined and I believe this calls for a change.

People may or may not know how to spell, and if they do, they do not care about the accuracy of their spelling. A five-question spelling test survey was recently conducted with more than 5,000 citizens in the UK. According to Laura Clark at Daily Mail, “Students emerged as the worst spellers, with only 13 per cent getting all five questions in the test correct, against 21 per cent overall.” This represents an increasing misspelling trend globally, not solely nationwide.

Personally, a few of the most commonly misspelled words that I have encountered through smartphone usage are “your” and “you’re,” and the improper use of “there,” “their” and “they’re.”

They may be minor mistakes, but after a while, these misspelled words could possibly change how people think about a person. By misspelling simple words, it makes one look uneducated and diminishes one’s credibility. Additionally, repeatedly misspelling words may show a lack of interest. According to Mallary Jean Tenore, journalist at Poynter, “Writing “wanna” instead of “want to,” or “plz” instead of “please” signals laziness.”

Although we often think technology improves learning, it can actually have the opposite effect when it comes to spelling. Take for instance cell phones and computers. Sometimes they auto-correct words properly and other times inaccurately. This increasing trend of misspelling common words is predominately evident in younger adolescents.

Rick Nauert, a Pennsylvania State professor, says, “…Researchers have determined teens that frequently use abbreviated shorthand language — that is, 'techspeak' or jargon — perform poorly on grammar tests.” This is primarily due to the inability of adolescents to switch back and forth from “techspeak” to the normal rules of grammar.

In my opinion, we need to go back to the basics and to the foundation of learning how to spell. As a society, we have access to a vast array of educational resources, but it seems as if we do not have enough time or concern to spell things the right way.

Many people may disagree that spelling correctly is unimportant because the main point is still getting across and the majority understand. Some may believe that spelling only matters in an educational environment, not in the texting and social media world that our smartphones and computers encompass.

Regardless of the context, misspelling will surface in all situations where grammar is utilized. Spelling uncomplicated words incorrectly truly mirrors intellect and can potentially portray an individual’s personality and overall character.

People may not care about spelling words correctly now, but what about in the future? What if a person is going into a job interview with a misspelled word on his/her resume or application? Out of habit, this person does not worry if words are misspelled. This would be a case where spelling words correctly is extremely important.

One misspelled word can ruin an opportunity to land a job or even be accepted into a college. Being able to spell correctly directly relates to how others view one’s level of intelligence and it can make or break a chance in the occupational and educational world.

If students don’t make a point to spell correctly now, they will continue to misspell words in the future when it matters the most. Education curriculum must instill the importance of spelling words correctly, even with a stronger emphasis than it does today. This will dramatically improve students’ ability for success in a rapidly changing, competitive job market.

With regard to people who seem to not worry about spelling words correctly, why not make a greater effort to spell words the right way when texting on smartphones or through social media? One cannot argue that spelling words incorrectly is a more efficient use of time. Because quite honestly, does it not take the same amount of time to spell a word correctly as it does incorrectly?

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