Speed Up Or Get A Ticket!
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Speed Up Or Get A Ticket!

Driving 10 mph or more under the speed limit in the left lane will earn you a ticket in the state of Florida.

Speed Up Or Get A Ticket!

Remember when you had to get to a meeting at 9 a.m. and you were blocked by slow drivers all over the road, even in the special left lane that is used for faster drivers and passing people? If you don't want to drive fast, do not drive in the left lane. It's really that simple. Apparently not for all, however, because people have to be warned that driving too slow can get you a ticket. There is a minimum speed limit on Florida highways and there are some people who go way below it, even in the left lane.

Traveling too slow in the left lane is illegal in Florida and this law will be reinforced. We have too much slow traffic because of slow drivers and, thus, it needs to be enforced so that slow drivers will shift over to the right lanes and traffic can flow naturally. Troopers are now ticketing anyone going 10 mph or more under the speed limit in the passing lane. The tickets will have a minimum fee of $121 and will vary in amount according to what county the slow drivers are driving in and how slow they are driving.

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Do not get a ticket; just drive faster than 35 mph on the highway or simply move to the right and drive slow as you please. You will be saving us fast drivers time and a lot of cursing under our breath.

Speed up or get a ticket!

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