Speechless Lyrics Meaning Written by Dan and Shay
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Speechless Lyrics Meaning Written by Dan and Shay


Speechless Lyrics Meaning Written by Dan and Shay
Speechless song by American artists collab Dan and Shay. This song was released on May 18, 2018.

Speechless Lyrics Meaning Written by Dan and Shay

Speechless song by American artists collab Dan and Shay. This song was released on May 18, 2018. Got hit play on the radio on August 6, 2018. The writers are Dan Smyer, Shay Mooney, and Jordan Reynolds, Lura Veltz. Also, this song’s new version on released on June 6th, 2019 by Tori Kelly. The music video featured real wedding moments of Sumyers Mooney. The Director of this video is Patrick Tracy. The length of this video is 3:33 minutes.

Speechless lyrics are basically inspired by Dans and Shay their own wedding, in this song balled from their nuptials. They recalled the feeling of that day, the moments when their brides walk down the aisle. And they got stunned by their wives’ beauty and their perfume fragrance which mixed with the air, like love in the air. And this song is not only about the wedding but it’s for all lovers who saw their lover and admire them the way they look. Dan got married to Abbay Law and Shay got married to his woman named Hannah Billingsley in May and June 2017 respectively.

The meaning of the lyrics of the track:

Now we are gonna discuss the main topic the lyrics and the meaning of the song, it’s a direct reference to the feelings of writers of their special day. It is a sensation for their wives when they came in front of vocalists and always look amazing and stunning giving goosebumps, Dan and shay were bedazzled by their wives’ appearance. They are deeply in love with them. At the start of the song is vocalist is waiting for his fiancée who said that she’ll be down almost five. He is staring and waiting for her to come down and suddenly the fragrance of her perfume was everywhere then talked about the way she is fixing her hair as usual like gorgeous in her beautiful bridal dress and he got stunned and speechless. The vocalist draws a beautiful and romantic scenario of the way she came down he was staring at her and thinking how blessed and fortunate to have her, and with all these expressions on his face, the wife saw and was not surprised because he was always stunned by looking at her. Then vocalist remembers when they met and from that day, it seems like she did something to him that he can’t even stop thinking about her and she already knows his weakness when he saw her, he is speechless and can’t say a word in front of that beauty and grace.

[Verse 1]

You say you'll be down in five

The smell of your perfume is floating down the stairs

You're fixing up your hair like you do

I know that I'll be a mess

The second that I see you

You won't be surprised

It happens every time

It's nothin' new


I'm speechless

Starin' at you standin' there in that dress

What it's doin' to me ain't a secret

'Cause watching you is all that I can do

And I'm speechless

You already know that you're my weakness

After all this time I'm just as nervous

Every time you walk into the room

I'm speechless

Reviews of the track:

When it comes to the review’s point of view the fans are so happy and the glimpse of the pair’s own wedding ceremony eagerly hypes the sensation of this song. Dan said, "I remember being up there on our wedding day – May 13, just a little over a year ago – and she walked up and I was at a loss for words." Dan and Shay the best duo, never forgot to surprise the audience and steal the Grammy award night plus award for this song. This song was number 30 on the Hot Country Songs chart and then on number one on December 1, 2018. The song was at its peak on 24 Billboard Hot 100 on August 18, 2018.

Conclusion of the track:

This song Speechless and its lyrics meaning gives the vibe of the feelings of the Husband-to-be who is totally stunned and surprised after the first glance at their wife in her bridal dress. That aisle moments and the stunning look of his wife take a breath away from him and made him speechless.

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