When it comes to college, the experience is a little different for everyone. While we're all studying for exams, trying to pass our classes and find time for both sleep and fun on the side, the experience can greatly differ depending on where you're going to school.

For example, going to a Southern University, especially one labeled as a "party" school, has its own set of truths that you learn while you're there.

Here are a few things that always seem to happen if you go to a party school.

1. When you go back home for breaks, adults will ask, "You don't party, right?"


2. ...and other college students will ask, "So, how are the parties?"


3. "Southern Fried Cotton" and cowboy boots are basically the frat-party and tailgating uniforms.


Seriously...any pictures post-frat-party I always feature girls in cowboy boots and guys in SFC and shorts.

4. Going downtown, though, is a whole different wardrobe.


Frat-parties are the "casual" ones...going downtown means it's time to ditch the oversized t-shirts and cowboy boots, and put on false lashes and some heels.

5. Someone will always assume you chose your college because of the partying, and nothing else.


No matter how many times you tell someone "they have a great nursing program," they're still not going to believe you.

6. Planning out your game-day party schedule is almost as important as making good grades on your finals.


Okay, so finals are SUPER important...but so is figuring out where you're going to go after the football game ends. Tailgating was just the pre-game's pre-game.

7. There's at least one whole street of houses throwing parties every weekend.


Ever in need of a party to go to? Just check out 5th street and party-hop from there.

8. Some professors will acknowledge your weekend plans.


One semester, my Geography professor canceled a Monday test because, she too had been "out late, having too much fun."

9. No matter how many people go out on a Saturday night, there will always be a crowd at campus church events come Sunday morning.


This is just one of those southern things. You go out and get hammered on Saturday, only to wake up on time and throw your hair in a bun for that afternoon, on-campus church session.

10. As the semester progresses, less and less people show up for Thursday and Friday classes.

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We all know that those two days are really just weekend days in disguise.

11. There's always that one friend of yours who parties every night and still maintains a 4.0


It's got to be witch-craft.

12. And, finally, when all the partying is said and done, there's always at least one local restaurant that's open late.


Cheers to you, Sup Dogs.

Every college has its truths, and when it comes to southern colleges with a party reputation...there are a lot of things we have to live with. The good thing, though, is that our schools are clearly the most fun.