5 Things That Describe The Love Life Of Any Southern Girl

Southern girls are their own breed and these are just a few things to expect when you begin dating one.

1. Dancing

Typical southern girls love their country music, and if one y'all's dates don't include dancing, then someone else is liable to steal her heart.

2. We don't always wear boots but you can sure find some in our closet

Whether it's cowboy boots or booties, we own them. We will take any opportunity to wear them no matter where it's at.

3. Our mommas taught us how to cook


I remember when I was growing up, and my mom and I would spend hours in the kitchen with her teaching me how to cook various recipes. Thanks to her, I learned a lot and get to impress people with my skills.

4. We are hopeless romantics


For me, I have watched more than enough Hallmark movies to last a lifetime and I have no problem with that. While they aren't realistic, I still fall in love every single time.

5. We're a sucker for a man in a cowboy hat


When I see a man in a cowboy hat, I automatically find him more attractive than before.

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