We interact with so many people in our lives. Some remain close ad some don’t. Our family and friends are the closest ones to us and we also come across so many beautiful souls. I strongly believe that there is a reason everyone gets to know the other person. We touch different lives in so many areas right from our childhood, school, college, marriage and work life. Some interactions are very memorable and unforgettable. I sometimes wonder that some connections or attachments are so deep in life that cannot be broken at all. Family is the strongest bond that we all share in this world and close friends too share a strong bond. Your husband or wife also would share an everlasting relationship with you.

The closer ones in our lives know us really well and there are many facts and behavior of us that only they would be aware of. A human being’s personality has external qualities or behavior that could be understood by most people they interact with and only people very close to them can identify their internal qualities. There exists a soulful connection among family and friends. Relationships need investment of time and energy. We need to nurture relationships and make them grow similar to planting a seed and taking care of a plant. We must provide the essential nutrients and supplies to the seed in order for it to grow into a plant. Some sacrifices need to be made and people must respect each other.

Celebrities, politicians and sports personalities touch lives of their fans and many other people. They influence people with their lifestyle and way of living. It is a great responsibility for them to influence people in the right way as they catch the attention of the public eye very fast. Some fans feel connected very deeply with their stars. They look up to their stars and worship them as role models and idols they like to follow.

I would consider my family and friends to be the closest ones in my life and I wish that I could spend more time with my family. Get along with the closest ones you care for and spend time with them and make them happy because they are the ones that matter to u most. Stay connected, touch lives and make a difference in your world.