We all have that one friend. The one that makes us question if they are really a good friend after every encounter. Your tribe is your support system, the people who will make the happy times 10x more blissful and the hard times 100x easier. So what are real friends? Where do we even learn how to be real friends in this crazy game we call Life?

Sadly, it's nearly impossible to determine what a real friend smells like or tastes like, but we can depend on the feeling. That feeling of genuine love and affection, of genuine importance and appreciation. So here are some things you can feel (or just think about, if that works for you).


1. Be upset at your success

Reals friends don't hate, they elevate!

2. Count "Favors"

Real friends don't hold tabs on things they should have done for you out of compassion for your well-being.

3. Ambush you with negative emotions

Real friends won't force you to fight their demons. They should only expect your unconditional love and support.

4. Forget your birthday (LMAO!)

What's a friend if they can't even remember your birthday?

5. Bail on their commitments w/out communication

Real friends are reliable and communicate if they can't show up for you (Instead of ignoring your text and calls)

6. Hold petty fights against you or the friendship

Real friends are understanding and don't hold your mistakes against you.

7. Put your insecurities on BLAST

Real friends are honest, but they respect your feelings and should not aim to press at your weak spots.

8. Call you out on disagreements in front of other people

Real friends will not try to humiliate you in front of other people for social approval. Disagreements can be forgiven in the moment and discussed in private.

9. Let you walk outside in THAT outfit

Real friends would never let you look like boo-boo the fool.

10. Allow other people to talk down to you (Like you're not the B-E-S-T)

Real friends always have your back, especially in your absence.

11. Expect you to sacrifice YOUR dreams for THEIR comfort

Real friends would never expect you to change yourself to accommodate who they are/ want you to be.

12. Allow you to pursue bad habits

Real friends will always prevent you from doing anything that WE ALL KNOW is not best for you.

13. Allow you to engage with TOXIC people (and Energy Vampires)

Real friends won't let you waste your energy on toxic relationships.

14. Dishonor your opinions

Real friends will respect your opinions and not try to impose their perspectives on you.

15. Disregard your feelings as UN-important

Real friends are real empathetic.

16. Forget that you don't like pickles

Real friends pay attention to the LITTLE things.

17. Prevent you from growing

Real friends will always bring out the best in you!